Good Supplements?

My idea of good supplementing is sticking to creatine and protein. Those two supplements are amazing for healing, recovery, and in creatine’s case – endurance and an extra pump.

However, I’m not saying other supplements are bad. I have tried cellucor’s p6 testosterone booster and if you are younger you probably don’t honestly need it, however it can give you the extra mental edge via placebo effect. 

Also, multivitamins and fish oil are actually a good idea. Preworkout works also, in the sense that it will give you the energy you need to charge through your workout.

In the end, it all comes down to a matter of preference and we must all remember that it’s called a supplement for one reason. It’s meant to supplement an already stellar diet and exercise program.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Good Supplements?

  1. Eating cleanly and ensuring that you fit in enough rest days, coupled with good sleep….. all make good sense.

    I take a pre-workout and I know it gives me a bit of a boost, probably mostly psychological and a high from the caffeine. I would say though, that it is worth checking the ingredients as some contain significant levels of sodium.

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