Taking A Week Off Can Help You Appreciate Working Out

Taking a week off can really help you appreciate working out. I know that I’ve been anxious to get back in the gym all week but I’ve been stopping myself, in fear that I won’t get the full effect of a week’s worth of rest. That may not even be the case, but just the thought is sort of like a placebo that may make me hit the weights twice as hard next week.

I decided to take a week off because I had been going hard at it for three months and I was catching a cold and my joints were hurting. Now I am starting to get better and I feel like that’s all I needed.

It could be extremely beneficial for you. If you’ve been working out for months at a time, it certainly won’t hurt you to get a little rest, as long as you dedicate yourself to going back. Try to become gracious of the time you get to spend getting your body in shape when you go back. Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Taking A Week Off Can Help You Appreciate Working Out

  1. Lucie says:

    Hello, I enjoy reading all of yur article post.
    I like to write a littloe comment tto support you.


  2. I was also considering taking a couple days off and you convinced me to do it 🙂 I start class in two days so I need to get focused on school and working out and I think taking a couple days off from working out is what I need!

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    • You might even take two weeks off if you’ve been training a while and class becomes stressful! You don’t want to take off a whole month and make the time off habitual rather than intentional, but it is completely beneficial for staying healthy during your training. Thanks for reading!

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  3. amielouisa says:

    This made me feel better about the fact that I’ve had to take time off for an injury and I have been really stressed about it. So thankyou 🙂

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  4. I have slacked for months and just started back at the gym and I hate that I ever stopped. I am so glad I am back! I maintained healthy eating and lost weight but man glad to be back

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  5. Resting is like taking a trip to Gainzville.

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  6. so true. sometimes when I take time off, I feel stronger than I did before I took the break.

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