Back From My Week Off!

I’m back from my week off and my shoulders are feeling better, I’m not sick, and I have a lot more energy than I did the last couple of weeks I worked out!

Getting back to the gym today was definitely my saving grace though, as I couldn’t stand being out. Nevertheless, I persevered and kept away from the weights for one full week and I believe it really paid off!

I now know for a fact that I am not over trained and that statement will remain adamant for the next couple of months.

As a result of the perseverance, my weight lifting was actually better than where I left off. The weight was about the same but my form was 100% better, and I decided to throw in some lifts like overhead squat to add some stability, functionality, and mobility to my routine.

My conclusion is that not only is a week off good for the CNS, the muscles, and the immune system but it also helps for your “workout IQ”. I learned of workouts that I didn’t know about before and I took the time this past week to study proper form and great exercises. I believe you can do the same and always come back from your week off improved in some way, shape, or form.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Back From My Week Off!

  1. Welcome back!sounds like you have had a really good workout. Im looking at doing dead lifts to improve the tone of my derere but worry as i have a back that is easy to damage. Any advice?

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    1. Just focus on the form. Look up all the videos on form you need, and if you feel safer with a belt you should go ahead and use one. Don’t worry about the weight. Go ahead and just do the bar if you need to and practice having good form. Discomfort is normal but if it ever hurts really bad you may steer away.

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    2. Not really. Sometimes it’s frowned upon to be using a belt if you’re not using a lot of weight, but if you have problems with your spine or you just simply need it you can use it no matter the weight. It’s just a bodybuilder’s mindset to only use them for high weight. I actually just recommended my grandma to use one for just about any kind of work as she is 84 and still likes to do yard work.

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    3. I half expected you to say your 84yr old nan bodybuilds then! Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Il have a look round for a back support.

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