Passion Produces Mastery


I wasn’t going to say that being passionate about something causes you to be successful, or that it always shows great results visible to other people.

However, that can often be the case. Lots of people think about taking on huge obstacles and going through routines throughout their lives because they’ve been told to or they want to make money, but not a lot of people genuinely do what they love doing. I believe that it’s because of this that I don’t often here people saying follow your heart, but I do hear them saying “Go to the right college,” “Be a doctor,” or “Do this. It makes a lot of money.”

I’d like to say that none of those things are bad in and of themselves, however with a passionate heart and determination a person can go a lot further. There is a lot more waiting for a person down a road specifically designed for them and their talents and passion, than someone traveling down the beaten path laid in front of them by people who have gone before.

I just wanted to let you know that whatever it is your doing, do it with passion. If you can’t be passionate about it, maybe you should do something else. I can’t promise fame and wealth from following your heart, even if that may very well happen, but I can say that you will be a lot happier with yourself doing something that is indivualized and unique to you.

That being said, in relation to that I can tell you that my passion for reading, writing, and the human body has caused me to learn a lot about physical training, diet, and exercise through various books I’ve read. I write about these various experiences and steps I’ve taken towards mastery in this blog to you.

In conclusion, I hope you can also find what you are really passionate about and take steps toward mastering it. Be the best you can be with your own life’s passion which is unique to you.

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