Hobbies Vs. Work! Killing Two Birds With One Stone

PETA, please do not send me hate mail for today’s post! It was the only idiom I could think of at the moment.

That being said, when choosing between taking the beaten path and working a nine to five job and deciding to start your own endeavor doing something you love, why can’t you do both?

If you can’t do what you love because there’s not a large market for it, perhaps you could continue doing it for yourself but still share it on the internet via social media sites. I say this, because if you love it so much then it may truly show and be like a piece of art for people to look at and be inspired.

I know a man who has worked at IGA his entire life but he still does some carpentry on the side because that’s what he truly loves doing. He never made it a full time job because he didn’t want to lose the fun in it.

I don’t believe that everyone will lose their passion for something by going into it full time, but that’s how he feels so he is doing the nine to five job and his passion, so more power to the guy. He seems incredibly happy doing what he is doing and every time I ask him how are you he says, “Just wonderful. I thank the Lord for every day.”

In hindsight, I look at how he deals with things and how I deal with things and I see that we’re different. I see that I am wanting to make my hobby/passion my career, and he didn’t. However, either way I can see that it produces a lot of happiness and joy that most people just don’t seem to have.

If you can make your passion your job, then great! You are doing better than most of the world in regards to that. In any case, I hope you continue to cultivate skills related to something your passionate about. The joy and feeling of achievement you gain from diligently working on something you love can truly enhance your life in a beautiful way.

Thanks for reading.

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