Progess From Depression!

Depress literally means to slow down, and so it’s not crazy to think that the term means that you are at a slow pace or energy. You probably want to and need to liven up and not have those dreary, upset feelings.

As I’ve said before, having a passion is beneficial and being passionate about something is extremely helpful in a situation where you’re depressed.

I’m not saying this would positively work for someone who is clinically depressed and is on medicine, but I also don’t see why it wouldn’t. That being said, here is my advice: take that thing that you are passionate about and make progress in that hobby in some way, shape, or form. 

For example, I enjoy blogging and being expressive along with lifting weights. I not only keep the depression away for the most part by exercising, but when I do start to feel bad for basically no reason(or even with some sort of reason), these hobbies always pull me out of a depression when it hits. I just become very mindful of my attitude, and when I start to think negative thoughts or feel bad about myself I will write a new blog post for you or do some weight training.

As a result, I’m being progressive and expressive rather than depressive and expressionless.

I hope you give this a shot and progress towards being great at something you love doing, rather than wasting time beating yourself up. Thanks for reading!

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