Routine Comes First

With the exception of getting hurt really bad and having a death in the family, you should always make time to do something you’re committed to every day. It’s acceptable to have an off day, but let’s say you work out. If you’re working out, you do not want to get into the habit of missing days, ever.

Now you may be thinking, isn’t it a little harsh to only miss when something as extreme as mentioned above happens? True. It is fairly extreme, but the point in being dedicated and committed to something is to make sure that you develop the character needed to be punctual and to achieve your goals. It’s about having the attitude that dictates you’ll never want to miss an opportunity to better yourself.

Remember this, and if you’re feeling like skipping a day just make sure you know that an attitude of skipping, quitting, and not trying is never going to bring you the benefits of being the person who gets things done every time.

Thanks for reading. Comments are open so leave your thoughts below if you’d like to.

6 thoughts on “Routine Comes First

  1. I agree with you to a point, however, for those training at quite an intense level, there are times when it is necessary to take an enforced rest day or an active rest day. It can be counterproductive to workout, if in doing so, you end up too tired to function and your session is well below par. I had to take such a day on Tuesday as my lats were so sore that I couldn’t lift my arms more than a few inches without excruciating pain. I guess that 60 pull ups might have a tendency to inflict such pain.

    Balance in everything and listening to your body and not feeling guilty because you have had an extra day to recover because you run the risk of over exertion. I think the above makes sense but I’ve been up a ladder all day and my brain is like marshmallows now.

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    1. Lol good points. My strictness here is more to push the point that our attitudes need to be as far from skipping out on our routine as possible, but I get that someone could take this too far. Thanks for your input. I appreciate your comments and ideas.

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    2. You’re very welcome. I hate taking rest days but realise that I have to ignore the voice in my head that is telling me to go ahead and exercise….. Having said that, rest for me might be using a chainsaw or chopping wood, so not a rest by most people’s standards. Keep up the good work.

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