Injuries and Imbalances

If you’ve been dealing with a workout injury or imbalance I have three suggestions. First, I want to say that if you are having severe pain that you should seek medical attention. If you are simply aware that a workout is causing unnecessary stress on some joints or tendons, then this is a post worth reading.

Here are three things you should do to prevent injuries:

  1. Stretch – stretching is good because during heavy lifts your body will become tense and it is not great to put all of that stress on your body without doing some stretches after and during the workout. A good stretch can alleviate pain in places such as the rotator cuff.
  2. Eat well – this may seem odd but take certain vitamins and oils for example: fish oil has been stated to alleviate joint pain.
  3. Do a warm-up – Warming up on the treadmill for five to ten minutes before a workout is good routine and may keep you from pulling things or having cramps.

If you enjoyed the information in this blog I am happy. I hope to keep you very informed, and now every Sunday I’ll begin to share entertaining or educational videos at the end of my posts. 

This Sunday I am choosing a funny video made by BroScienceLife. I’m leaving the link below and you can click on it to watch Dom Mazzetti explain How to Fix Injuries and Imbalances.

How To Fix Injuries and Imbalances – BroScienceLife

13 thoughts on “Injuries and Imbalances

  1. All good points. Perhaps you could add one other thing…..technique. Never compromise on technique. Prevention is better than cure. If lifting heavy weights and your technique is compromised, be brave enough to put the weights away and go lighter.

    Also, when picking up the weights to start your set, treat them with respect…. lift appropriately and correctly before, during and after.

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