Don’t Waste Time and Energy Being Negative

Maybe you have dreams and goals, and you have something you want to work really hard on and succeed at. Maybe there’s also something that is really bothering you.

Truth is, everyone has their own trials and tribulations and you’re definitely going to have your share of them. How you handle your problems is what is going to make a noticeable difference in your life when you try to focus on doing other things.

Think about this scenario:  You have a goal to write a page in a book or journal every night for your own benefit, or maybe you are hoping you can make some money doing it. However, during this time you have to work and you have people at work that are just really overbearing and they annoy you every day. Outside of work, you’re dealing with friends that are critical of you and a rocky relationship. All of these things are stressing you out and making you feel like you can’t think of anything else at times. 

Turn the page, and you have writers block. All of a sudden, because of things that are outside your control, you are having a road block that is keeping you from writing a page every night in your book. Worst of all, the stress was caused by the attitude of other people and you have no control over them and their actions.

Which leads you to ask, how can you break this cycle of negativity where someone else or something outside of you happens and it wrecks you’re mood causing you to not get things done? In return, you may even feel bad for not getting something done. Which leads to one simple solution out of many positive ways to deal this:

Decide that it’s not your fault, and that your long term goals and dreams are more important than temporary negative emotions caused by things out of your control. Love yourself, remember that you have value and that your dreams are important, and don’t let anything negative have a hold on you. 

I hope this post helped you and was relatable. Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Time and Energy Being Negative

  1. I don’t have time for negative people in ly life. I’ve noticed how my mood has improved when I made a conscious decision to spend time with people who are positive, open and supportive. And even if you can’t control the people you’re with at work etc, have your coffee breaks somewhere else or at a different time. Don’t listen to negativity. Don’t lower yourself to the level of empty behind back gossiping and complaining. I simply smile and carry on :). Great post!

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  2. Yes it was very relatable. Thanks a lot for this inspiring piece.

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  3. MyMemoirs says:

    Never be negative. People are negative because it is easier to be negative, but there are just so many things in life to be positive about. Come on people! Smell the roses! 🙂

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  4. MaryJob says:

    Like my sweet Uncle always say, Opinion is Free, Do not allow negative energy be the death of you!!

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  5. Dr.Bukky says:

    Kinda like me. Had fun reading it.

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