Attempting IF – Intermittent Fasting

I was watching a video done by the Hodge twins on YouTube and they mentioned a diet or meal timing plan that worked for them; they called it intermittent fasting. I am not saying listen to YouTube brofessors or look for get lean quick schemes.

However, this meal timing or diet had me curious. Basically, the idea of IF is to have a set window each day where you can eat your daily calories and macronutrients. The rest of the hours in a day you are not supposed to eat anything, which is why it’s called intermittently fasting.

I don’t think of it as a starvation diet, since all you are doing is timing your meals differently. I also don’t think they had any reason to lie since they weren’t selling anything related to it.

In my mind, the only way I can know for sure if it works is to give it a try. I’ll actually do it and save you the trouble. If it works for me, then it might work for you. Keep in mind that all of our bodies our different.

Part of the theme of this website is for me to try different diets and exercise plans and review them to you.

So here goes everyone. I’m about to start. I’ll show you how plump I’ve gotten over the past couple of months and I’ll give you new photos often to monitor results along with a description of my body fat % and how this makes my body feel.


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30 thoughts on “Attempting IF – Intermittent Fasting

  1. […] for you.  Also, at the end of this, I posted a picture and if you saw my previous post titled Attempting IF – Intermittent Fasting then you can see that I’m already starting to lose a little bit of weight.  Some of that is […]


  2. I have tried a couple of forms of IF and have had success with each. I used to fast once a week on a rest day for 24 hours. I would eat breakfast and drink green tea then not eat again until breakfast the following day. I only consumed water and unsweetened green tea throughout the day! I did this for about 6 months once a week and I was the leanest I had been in my life! I followed a strict diet on the other 6 days but didn’t count macros or calories. I just ate when I was hungry and I ate no grains, no fruit after 2 and only fruits, veggies and protein. I also have tried daily IF. This took much more planning and coordination with my workout schedule. While I felt fantastic I did not see as good of physical results with this method. I am eager to see your journey and results. Good luck!!!

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    • Sounds great! The second diet you mentioned with meats, veggies, and fruit sounds a lot like the paleo diet(I was successful on that one). I’m doing daily IF with an 18 hour fast daily and eating from 10-4. Glad to hear you had such good results with your weekly fast!


  3. […] hope you are having a great day as usual and soon I will be giving updates on my Intermittent Fasting. Thanks for reading tonight’s post and I hope you start making this metaphorical lemonade […]


  4. I’ve tried it too, it can be hard sometimes with college because meal times are unpredictable but I definitely seen the benefits and lost nearly 10lbs… and still grinding! Interested to see how you approach your eating windows but OFP approved!

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  5. pixieannie says:

    What about a shot of your legs? Now I’m sounding a bit nervy and it wasn’t intended to sound that way. I think you know what I mean. I need more coffee.

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    • Lol this time I’m not sure what you mean but it’s ok. The fasting is going well. Working out right now with good energy and eating a good meal when I’m done.

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    • pixieannie says:

      That should have read, ‘pervy’ as I’d suggested you post a shot of your legs. Oh god. It just gets worse. Nervy? What a loon.
      Amyway, glad it’s going well. Keep up the good work.

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      • Lol i will have to do that. My legs are pretty normal looking and I’m sure throughout this diet they’re gonna turn into the typical meatheads legs that are really small compared to my upper body. Not that I don’t work Them, they just aren’t genetically inclined to be jacked up lol

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  6. mitchteemley says:

    Hope it goes great for you.

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    • Thank you! I will be posting follow up posts with photos and possibly a surprise with that. I actually already lost a bit of water weight in only the past 24 hours. Haven’t eaten as much in the small eating window yet I’ve drank a lot of water.


  7. finnwest2015 says:

    You starting to get into shape bro.
    Well done and keep up the hard work!

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  8. Janelle says:

    My husband is a runner and has done this with positive results. He wanted to drop some weight for summer trail running and did drop about 35 pounds. It required a lot of commitment and discipline, and by the time her returned to “regular” eating practices he’d successfully adjusted his expectations so portion control was much less of an issue. I’ll be looking forward to reading about your experiences.

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  9. SpartanDaddy says:

    This is interesting…curious to see results

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  10. pixieannie says:

    My advice is to get as much information as possible, from different and reliable sources. Make sure that it will not cause a problem for any underlying medical conditions, particularly diabetes.

    Personally, I won’t be trying it because I can’t afford to lose any weight.

    Remember not to fast on those tough workout days or your performance may be affected. Given that the only fuel the brain can use is glucose, it is very noticeable if I go more than a few hours without food.

    I’m keen to hear how you progress.


    • That’s the point lol to test the waters and do this so I can be an educational resource for you. You can actually say “oh a guy who isn’t on steroids tests these diets and exercise plans out and sees if there’s any truth to them” thanks for the feedback 🙂

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