This is honestly the right way to lift. I’m about to drop locking out altogether. After all, hypothetically, I feel that locking out on heavy lifts is probably just putting too much stress on the joints and not working the stabilizer muscles enough.

Great post by “lifeisfit”


Time under tension (TUT) is basically a training style that keeps constant stress on your muscles during a set of lifts. It tears deeper into your muscles which leads to serious muscle gains. TUT is high intensity training and proper form is everything.

When doing a basic inclined bench-press, you want to push out and extend your elbows until they lock out. This transfers the stress on your muscles from your chest to your joints (elbows).  This picture illustrates the locking of elbows.

When doing an inclined bench-press with time under tension, you want to push out but not all the way to where you lock your elbows, instead push the weight up and stop just before you elbows lock, then come down and start the next rep. This keeps pure tension on your chest for 100% of the time. This picture illustrates how high to push the weight up which is…

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