Three Day Quote Challenge

I was nominated by “The Nerdy Author” user, The Other Girl, to do a three day quote challenge.  Basically, how this works is, I need to post a quote every day for three days and challenge three users to do the same each time.

That being said, here is today’s quote:

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough,” -unknown.  I believe this is true almost 100% of the time.  Make sure there is some doubt and that you are really passionate about your dreams, and then have persistence and dedication to prove your own doubts wrong.

No matter what your circumstances or who you are, at the end of the day, if you try doing something you love and you fail then at least you tried.  At the same time, nothing is stopping you from trying again with newly found wisdom and ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Here are three people I am tagging today:

Spartan Daddy

Finn West

Endless Possibilities

Again, thanks for reading, and to those of you who I tagged…..I sincerely hope you’re up for the challenge! 😉dreams

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12 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on beardrolloson and commented:
    Not only am I sharing this post, I am stealing the photo at the bottom for quote number one.


  2. basicbrook says:

    I love this quote! It’s really easy to focus on your smaller goals, because they’re more attainable, and realistic – but that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the bigger, semi-terrifying ones 🙂

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  3. that is one really good quote, and now I know my dreams are big enough. 😉

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  4. pixieannie says:

    Oh wow, you are the best. How exciting. I’m always up for a challenge. Bear with me though as I’m off to a Wood Fayre today and so I’ll take my little book and write down some thoughts and give this the time it deserves. I’ll be back with my first quote later. Continue to be the positive influence that you are.

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  5. I remember dad told me to dream big, big enough that the world around you would say it’s impossible to achieve. I didn’t understand him then, though I willingly obliged myself to, until now that I am 23. With that, I am so thankful to him for planting that early seed of ambitions on me.

    This is a cool game, sir! You are spreading good vibes to the community.

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  6. tlizzy says:

    One of my dreams is owning my own little food cabin and offering some jamaican food thats nit been tried round my end. It scares me that i will end up in debt and have to ask fir bankruptcy but im also excited that my idea has hit a niche market and it will take off.

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