How Do You Split Your Workouts?


Working out doesn’t have to be tricky or complicated, but that’s not saying it can’t be! So, today, I wanted to make a post with a slightly different style. Today’s post is a question. I’m going out on a limb here hoping for a response but here is my question: How do you split your workouts? Also, what is your reasoning behind this?

This applies to all of you, even those of you who mostly stick to cardio or yoga. Do you have days where you work out at a harder intensity? Do you have arm days?

I’ll go first. I typically work legs on Sundays, I do chest and back on Mondays, and arms on Tuesdays. I repeat this on Wednesday through Friday, and take Saturdays off. So it’s like this:

Sunday: Legs

Monday: Chest and Back

Tuesday: Arms(bicep, tricep, forearms)

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Chest and Back

Friday: Arms again

Saturday: Rest

I throw cardio in at the end of all of my workouts, so I don’t really cycle my cardio in any way. There was my plan, thanks for reading! What do you do?

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25 thoughts on “How Do You Split Your Workouts?

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  2. Great routine!
    I’m lucky enough to have quite a bit of time for my workouts (not too stressed on time) and it goes something like this for me:
    Monday- Cardio 45-60 min
    Tuesday- 60 min whole body workout
    Wednesday- 60 min spin class
    Thursday- 60 min whole body workout
    Friday- Cardio 45-60 min
    Saturday- 60 min spin class

    I feel that if I don’t do a whole body workout, then the next day my body feels sore/exhausted. But if I stick to this- I feel on point!


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  3. Anders Bore says:

    I pretty much have a fixed setup as I am a powerlifter/weightlifter. On season will look a little different than off season, but the general setup of a week could look like this (this is what I do now):

    Monday: Heavy Squat, leg accessory work
    Tuesday: Heavy OH Press, chest and triceps accessory work
    Wednesday: Heavy Deadlift: Biceps accessory work
    Thursday: OFF
    Friday: Light Squat & Light OH Press, shoulder accessory work
    Saturday: Light Back, Shoulder accessory work
    Sunday: I eat a brownie

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    • Lol your Sundays sound terrific…I’d like to do that every day a week and still make great gains!


      • Anders Bore says:

        Ye, I am on a ketogenic-diet so I don’t do the Brownie every Sunday. I guess it is more like once a month or so. It’s treat though

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      • Sounds good to have a cheat meal once in a while. I have a lot of respect for you on that…whenever I do any kind of diet I allow myself a weekly cheat day where I eat all the junk I crave through the week…probably not the best strategy on my part, but I still burn fat. Any tips for me if I want to stick it out longer before adding a cheat day?


      • Anders Bore says:

        Well, the diet took care of the cheat day completely as I don’t get any cravings anymore in the same way I did before. Mostly due to the sugar content and thus the insulin level is very low in blood. When I say Brownie, it is just a small piece (like 50g or so). I can’t really load up on sugar as I start feeling sick and cold-sweating.

        I have to admit the first 2 weeks were a nightmare with mood-swings, headache, stomach-ache and so on. My doctor told me it was a natural detox or my body’s call for more sugar. When I had the urge to eat something sweet during those weeks I would just eat egg & bacon and some fatty cheese. Basically attacking it with fat.

        In order to maintain the fat content high enough I added flax oil and other vegetable oil rich in omega-3 and 6. This helped me maintain the colesterol level stable at 1,0 for HDL, 3,8 for LDL and 5,2 for total colesterol which was lower values than I had before on my “normal” diet.

        In April I started a new experiment where I replaced all the vegetable oils with plain dairy butter. The fat content in my diet was close to 60% of total energy intake and a large portion was simple saturated fat. When I did my blood analysis again last week on Tuesday (15.09) my HDL was 0,9, the LDL 3,4 and total colesterol was 4,8. This means that basically eating lard had lowered my colesterol compared to the “healthy” unsaturated fats I consumed before.

        So this is what I am currenly doing. Lard and protein. My weight has dropped from 118kg to a stable 104kg and the strength is back where at was at 118kg, meaning I have gotten stronger when you look at kg lifted per kg bw.

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      • Wow! That’s incredible. I have to give you major respect, as you definitely seem to know what you’re talking about and did it under a doctor’s supervision. I often read about diets like the paleo or vegan and I never know for sure if they are backed up by blood tests and science, but I know yours is from what you just said. Have you made a post about this? I’d be happy to reblog it, if you did.


      • Anders Bore says:

        Thanks! It was basically an experiment my doctor and I started. He is also a fan of the low-carb/high fat approach, but due to advisory rules set by the government there is a limitation on what he can reccommend. Based on that I decided to be a guinea pig in my own experiment, but under his guidance. The guidance was based on the results from the blood screening we did every 3 months.

        The effect has been tremendous for me, even though it was a tough start. I am going to write a blog post about it on my page where I post the results from the blood screening along with the diet. The diet I have planned in a spreadsheet where I have listed the food sources and made the split between carb, protein and fats. The plan to go ketogenic I covered in a post (, but the fat amount listed there is a little too low. It is closer to 60% from April unil now.

        I am planning a wrap up this week covering my findings. Moreover I did a bodyscan when I was in Korea in order to find my muscle mass index and bodyfat percentage. I started off at roughly 18% bodyfat and now it is somewhere around 14%. This is of course not 100% accurate, but it is as accurate you can get when it comes to show trends.

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      • Wow! Absolutely incredible sir! Could you reply on this post or send me an Email at when you get that next post up?


      • Anders Bore says:

        Sure, no problem!

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      • Anders Bore says:

        I promised to notify you when I had written the post regarding the blood analysis. I have now published it:

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      • Thank you!! I am about to take a look.

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  4. Great post – I love lifting and am a firm believer that it’s more important to get my weight training in than cardio if I have to choose one or the other. I work out five to six days a week and, like you, I enjoy focusing on a specific muscle group at a time. I change my program every 4-6 weeks so, for example, at the moment, Mondays is Shoulders and Delts. Tuesdays I do Chest. Wednesdays would be Quads. Thursdays I do Back, Fridays I do Triceps & Biceps and Saturdays I do Hamstrings and Glutes. I get in at least 3 days of cardio a week – usually 20 minutes of HIIT training on the treadmill, stairs or elliptical as a last resort. My goal is to run outdoors once per week for the benefit of getting vitamin D and a fresh perspective. 🙂

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    • oh and I have to get it all in at one time – I can’t do the twice a day routine, splitting up cardio and weight training – I know some people love doing it that way – it just doesn’t work with my schedule

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      • Awesome! You have a great schedule and thanks for your reply. I don’t honestly think it makes a difference, anyways whether you work out twice a day or not. I agree with you and think that as long as you are going in there every day then you’re doing great.

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  5. pixieannie says:

    Always great to read your posts. I guess for many that it is dependent on their work schedule and other life commitments. As you know, I recently changed things round with my workouts. At the moment it goes something like this:

    Day 1 – Back squats, strict OH press, deadlifts, kb swings, planks
    Day 2 back squats, bench press, back extension (BW) kb swings, planks
    Day 3 Snatch practice, back squats, deadlift strict OH press, kb swings, planks
    The days in between I mix it up with any of the following, running, cycling, bodyweight exercise, yoga. I stretch every single day and this forms a big part of my routine.
    That split changes as the weeks progress, I’m only now on Week 3 of my programme. I know that this week will also include power cleans.

    It’s obviously based around compound movements and with a specific goal in mind. Rest days are just as important as the work days, if not more so.

    There’s not one part of my body that doesn’t get a workout with this programme.


  6. quasiauthor says:

    I warm up with 15 mins. of cardio on gym days (rowing machine or treadmill run).
    Sunday: Off
    Monday: Legs, Glutes, & Abs
    Tuesday: Off (sometimes swimming)
    Weds: Arms with shoulders Or Chest/Back/Shoulders & Abs with both
    Thursday: 3.5-6 mile run with small work out of Arms & Abs
    Friday: Horseback riding (mostly) Or 3.5-6 mile run with small workout of arms, chest/back, &abs
    Saturday: 3.5-6 mile run with Abs Or swimming
    It is tough squeezing in a work out everyday as a SAHM, so I try to stay active all day.

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  7. DK1WAY says:

    Nice workout routine. I do both back and chest, also. How about shoulder? Do you do shoulders with arms’ day?

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