How I Improved My Squat Overnight

Just hit my own PR on squat with my chicken legs! Congratulations to Trinna’s Essentials on the new belt and the great success!

Trinna's Essentials

Last Tuesday, I got a knock on my door in the middle of the day. To my dismay, I was reluctant to answer it because I wasn’t expecting any visitors, packages, and there was nobody at my door via the peep hole.  What I had forgotten was that I *did* order something almost two months ago! I had been eagerly waiting for it, but was expecting an email informing me that it was on its way.  So anyway, I open my door, find a box sitting on my doorstep, and I open it to find this:

20150915_124149It’s my beautiful, turquoise blue, 10 mm thick piece of leather weight lifting belt!  Okay, I know what you’re thinking – “not very exciting…”, “whoopee, who cares?”.  But this package truly, genuinely made my day! It was a better day than Christmas (and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays!)!  You know how Ralphie day dreams…

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