Interesting Result from Blood Analysis

I did the math in converting the kg to American units and I got around 216 lbs for AndersBore’s weight. That is phenomenal! Especially for him, since I believe he said he was a power lifter. I can only imagine this dude has gotten very lean doing this ketogenic diet.

While I, personally, haven’t studied ketogenic a a whole lot I do offer you this person’s story. He says he stablized his blood pressure and actually lowered his cholesterol while eating high fat.

This is absolutely incredible! While I don’t have a lot of personal research I do find that his results and my results from when I did the paleo diet are pretty consistent. There truly might be a good amount of truth to ketogenic and high protein, high fat, low carb diets!

Hope you enjoy his post as much as I did! Also, if you choose to make a drastic switch in diet please do as he did and get your blood work done.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Result from Blood Analysis

  1. Regarding the weight I dropped from 260lbs to 231lbs over the period. The reason for going first for 231lbs is because it is where a weight class starts in the IPF rules (105kg). If I am over 105kg the class goes up to 120kg, meaning I would have to compete with people weighing up to 120kg.

    This applies to RAW powerlifting as well, which I am focusing on.

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