Adding Cardio To Help Cut Down

Sometimes you may cheat on your diet or you may be struggling to lose some extra weight, so cardio is a great method to burn off extra calories and burn fat!

A lot of people in the fitness industry have fear mongered and made people fear that they would lose muscle if they did a lot of cardio.

and that just isn’t true!  Here is a video by Elliott Hulse explaining why cardio burning muscle is a complete myth!

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5 thoughts on “Adding Cardio To Help Cut Down

  1. dezaro says:

    Loved it, thank you very much for sharing. And yes, even on the most strict diet – you do need a cheat meal – a sugar rush… And it leaves the body in your next workout!

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  2. This was very helpful, thank you for sharing!

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  3. ramexa says:

    Both strength training and cardio are equally important. Both have their perks.

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