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I want to know how you diet.

I have tried many diets on my own and experimented with my calories and macros to see what works for me, and I believe I found what works!  I, personally, can eat about 2300 to 2500 calories a day and still lose fat as long as I am slightly active.  I eat a high amount of protein in my diet with fat as a byproduct and I strategically place my carbs at the beginning of my day and after workouts.

When I border on eating too many calories or when I decide to take a cheat day, I simply add more cardio to burn the calories that I added.

Please let me know in the comment section down below what you do!  I want to hear everyone’s view on diet and exercise, and how you have found what works best for you!



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16 thoughts on “Join The Conversation on DIETING

  1. I developed food allergies over a year ago Corn peanuts and soy. Those 3 things are in so much stuff😳 but in cutting them out I’v lost 10 lbs and feel better. Because they are in so much I avoid eat most processed food and fast foods. I still eat what I want I just have to cook it myself. It’s a lot more work but worth it.

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  2. Akster20 says:

    Personally, I just eat as much as I can of good foods until my heart is satisfied :). I try to have at least one big kale salad with as much ALOT of protein. Either chicken, salmon or some steak from subway and just dump it in there. I like to throw in some potatoes, beans, legumes ususally. But if I am working out that day I throw in a lot more sweet potatoes and if I am not I limit to one or two. Keeps me feeling good, fully functional and full!

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    • That’s a great way to eat! I like to eat that way too. I consider what effect each food has on me and I time it out throughout the day depending on whether I need to fill my protein requirement or if I need energy from carbs.


  3. […] But with dieting, as well as the rest of this post, just find balance.  I don’t see the need to cut out anything I like as far as food goes, and neither should you.  To join in on the conversation with dieting, click here. […]


  4. Deena says:

    I have no idea how many calories I consume any more, just counted briefly when I was first changing my habits to drop the initial weight I had accumulated. Now I just focus on healthy fats, protein, and carbs from fruit/veggies mostly. I cut out almost all gluten due to gastric issues. I eat as clean as I can, and I don’t worry about cheat days or the occasional splurge. As long as I feel good, and stay close to where I am on the scale, it’s all good.

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  5. I’m a firm advocate of flexible dieting. I eat basically healthily but can have treats and eat out whenever I like and still get great results 🙂

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    • Great way to do it! I had an extreme problem with self control so I had to punish myself with a hard diet for a while..otherwise one cheat day could derail my whole diet, but over the past year I’ve gotten better at flexible dieting. On days when I want to eat some really good stuff(like tacos and candy lol) I add a lot more cardio.

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      • What I love about flexible dieting is that my cravings and post – restriction binges vanished 🙂 and I looove eating – still dieting at 2500 cals ❤

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      • I eat anywhere from 2000 to 3000 calories also. I try to add cardio to where I average to 2000. What helps for me is finding timing also. I don’t feel guilty eating something sugary if it’s right after a great workout or first thing in the morning. So I quench most of my food cravings early in the day and eat more high protein, fattier foods closer to the end of my day. That timing seems to help with appetite and energy a lot.

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  6. petraperkov says:

    I agree with your philosophy. If you eat more, you need to be more active! My current diet is very successful, but unfortunately, not a pleasant one. It’s called a stomach bug :(…

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