The Top Causes of Plateaus in Exercise and Weight Loss

This is a well done article on plateaus and how you can prevent from topping out. Reach your genetic limits by consistent training and following these guidelines!

Months or years into your exercise program you stopped seeing results. But why? You think you’re doing everything right; you’ve been working hard and staying dedicated without missing a workout and without busting your ‘healthy’ diet. What gives? This spot that you’ve hit is a plateau, where your results have flatlined into nothing recently. This often happens to individuals during weight loss as well as performance enhancement when their results are less than desirable. Most people who hit the plateau are doing at least one of the following mistakes wrong, without even realizing it.

One thing to know about changes in the body

Every single person has [their own individual] maximum ability. This is called the genetic ceiling; which limits the extent of improvement that is possible due to exercise training. Meaning that each person has a maximum metabolism speed, maximum fat loss, maximum endurance ability, maximum strength…

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One thought on “The Top Causes of Plateaus in Exercise and Weight Loss

  1. That article is a good shout to what I’m currently doing (Body-for-LIFE). The BFL program incorporates many of those plateau busting solutions. Always good to recalibrate as we go along or reaffirm what we’ve currently been doing.

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