Hard Work Produces Greatness

Yesterday I stated that there is never a bad time period in your life for lifting. When I say that, I don’t mean you can’t take an occasional day off. I am just saying that you should meet all of your challenges with a fight. Have a drive for success and greatness, and you will be there someday.

You will be great.

However, you have to work for it! In fact, no matter what you want to “be” in life you will have to work for it. If you put in the work, it will be worth it. Set your sights high and work hard! So in respects to everyone, including non-lifters, this applies to all of us. Here’s some examples:

  1. Want to be a hard working, family person? Then get a job, work hard at it, save money, meet someone, and invest everything you’ve got into making it work!
  2. Want to be a professional athlete? Then constantly train and exercise, diet, stay away from drugs and alcohol(good tip for everyone), and take your sport seriously.
  3. Want to be the kindest person you can be? Then practice! Keep a smile on your face all the time and treat others with respect. 

Notice that those three things are completely unrelated! But it’s all relevant to the point that you will have to work hard and practice to be the best! 

I come to this point that hard work is the one of the most important things(if not the most) and I want to leave you with another quote by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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11 thoughts on “Hard Work Produces Greatness

  1. ahoffine says:

    I like this. Working out involved being…involved. It’s not something that happens over night. The difference between working out and becoming a family person is that you get to physically see things change whereas in other areas you maybe don’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve as much attention. Right on.

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  2. […] in mind that to achieve your goals you will have to work very hard. And, recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that hard work is important regardless of […]


  3. dezaro says:

    Amen, this should be a wakeup call for every single person

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  4. pixieannie says:

    Spot on. It’s early and I’m inhaling my food for my early morning session. I don’t want to be up and out of bed but I have a plan and if I don’t do it today, I’ll have to work extra hard tomorrow, Tomorrow is my rest day and I’m not giving that up for anything. How is your training progressing?

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  5. Mary Job says:

    So true…consistency is key.

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