Compound lifts

I like to start with compound lifts and then do all my accessory lifts throughout the rest of my workout. Good advice by “reckless fitness”.

Reckless Fitness

These are the all important exercise! If i could only do 5 exercises and never use any other, the ones i would choose without a doubt would be bench press, squats, deadlift, barbell row and shoulder press! People know this but still choose to avoid the big 5 lifts!

The reason why these lifts are so important at not only building mass, but building immense strength is the massive about of testosterone being released! Squats releases a large amount of growth hormone around the body! This aids in gaining ultimate strength but also as well as working your legs in the squat, but can make gains in the rest of your body!

For a long time, the deadlift has always been my favourite lift… Ive been working and working to strike personal records off the list on a regular basis. My own record was a 155kg lift at only 70kg…

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