All because of a cookie…

I really enjoyed this article on nutrition! Too many times, we get wrapped up in the newest and most hip diet trends. Sometimes, the best way to go is to just cut the crap and eat right! I mean…Deep down, most of us know what is obviously healthy and what isn’t.

With what was said, I’d add that even if you eat completely clean you still may struggle if your calories are too high or too low for your goals. Be mindful of what you’re putting into your body and also how much.. Remember to stay hydrated as drinking plenty of water is just as important, or more important, than the diet.

Also, I wanted to add that I personally had a great experience by cutting most of my carbs and avoiding grains. I did it last year when I was suffering with my Crohn’s Disease and I noticed:

1) A clearer mind and better attitude. I was proud of myself, I felt calm, and I knew everything was working out.
2) A healthy body. My Crohn’s symptoms went away and I was probably as healthy as everyone else, maybe healthier.
3) Substantial weight loss. I lost a LOT of weight. It only took two months for me to go from 230 lbs to 200. I was fairly overweight to begin with though, and ended the endeavor at about 12% body fat.

So to go along with what you are about to read below, I just wanted to add that I agree with a lot of this from experience.


How to get the food thing down. Food…such a complicated and emotion filled topic. Talk about food and people will get very animated. Food is not just fuel to us. Food is cultural; food is reward based and food is guilt producing.

I had to make a significant paradigm shift in my own thoughts about food. I did that through reading about food and how it works with our body and what various foods did for us. Along the way I ran into lots and lots of catch phrases in regards to food. Here are some words we need to ditch in my opinion. We need to forget about the words clean, gluten-free, paleo, me all these phrases are meaningless.

Let me give you a few examples. Gluten free, a huge phrase thrown around. If you are saying an apple is gluten free you are correct. We can also say…

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