Forget Motivation And Develop Discipline

Motivation – (noun) the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

While motivation is great, it can often be fleeting.  You may be willing to do something one day, and not want to on another day.  Motivation is simply wanting to do it!  For a little while you’re driven, and if you have no discipline you crash and burn.

Discipline – (noun) the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

Discipline is doing something whether you want to or not.  It’s sticking to a set plan, or something you said you’d do, whether you’re still motivated or not.  This is self-discipline.  You don’t have to punish yourself if you don’t finish things, but you know that self-discipline is important if you want to have the habit of getting things done.

In the video above, Elliott Hulse talks about his timeline for success.  He explains how he worked fruitlessly for five years on creating his youtube channel before he ever got the viewership he has now.  It goes to show how you have to stay dedicated, even when things don’t seem like they’re paying off.  Even when you have doubts.  Even when you don’t know if you really feel like it.

Often times, I think to myself

“What would I gain if I quit working out right now?”

“What would I gain if I quit working on Maxed Out Muscles?”

The answer is nothing.  There is nothing to gain from quitting.  If I continue working hard I can assume that maybe someday I’ll be successful.  I can also assume that I’ll become a different person as I’m working hard to become the person I need to be in order to succeed.

My questions today are 

Have you personally felt like giving up?

Whether it be on your fitness regime or something you’re passionate about?

Have you ever been highly motivated to do something and then wavered?

What do you think of today’s post?  Do you agree that discipline is extremely important?

Please let me know in the comments down below.   I want read your opinions.

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14 thoughts on “Forget Motivation And Develop Discipline

  1. Discipline definitely needs to accompany motivation! Without it we wouldn’t get very far Bessie motivation isn’t always present.

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  2. chryestie says:

    Have you personally felt like giving up? Oh yes, and sometimes I do.

    Whether it be on your fitness regime or something you’re passionate about? Fitness is the big one. I wake up with big plans, then by the time I get home to fulfil them, I am done and ready for bed.

    Have you ever been highly motivated to do something and then wavered? Oh yes.

    What do you think of today’s post? Do you agree that discipline is extremely important?
    I agree, I think discipline is the missing piece of my puzzle. Thank you so much.

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    • Thanks for interacting! I like your comment and some of the comments of others on here are useful if you need any tips of motivation. I think someone on the comment section mentioned making it a habit.


  3. When you exercise regularly long enough, it becomes a habit just like any other behavior you do every day. Habits are fun in a that way – you don’t need to think about it, you just do it. No one is “motivated” to brush their teeth every day but still it gets done. Develop an exercise habit, and you don’t need motivation – although it’s a great bonus!

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  4. finnwest2015 says:

    Reblogged this on Recked with Finn West and commented:
    Another great post from the man with the muscle. Respect!


  5. pixieannie says:

    Absolutely. At 6am on a cold, dark morning, trying to eat to fuel my workout, despite the feeling of cardboard in my mouth and the longing to climb back into bed. Yes, on a regular basis. However, I also know that I’ll feel better once I’ve achieved my goal for that day. It’s never easy but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it and everyone is not doing it….. If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it and that’s always a motivating factor.

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  6. Just Peachie says:

    Totally agree! Delayed gratification in life is an often overlooked and unused life gem.

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  7. rohvannyn says:

    That’s a really good question to ask. “What do I gain from quitting?” Also helpful is “Do I gain more from (insert short term reward unhealthy act) or by continuing to work on (long term goal)?

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    • Exactly. I noticed something else tho. When I wrote this post, I immediately went from depressed to happy. I got satisfaction from getting something done.

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      • rohvannyn says:

        That’s another good point. I keep having to remind myself to focus on the positive – reading blogs like this will help with that.

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      • Absolutely. Writing should help to. I’ve talked about it a little bit in some of my other posts but basically if you keep a journal or blog about it you can better get your thoughts in line. You can better realize your ambitions and faults, and maybe begin a positive momentum towards self-improvement. At the end of the day, that’s all this site is about 🙂

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