Join The Conversation On Leg Day

Today is the day I am going for 265 lbs (120 kg) on squat!  That would be my new personal record and I’d be happy with that weight.  When I started working out, I could barely squat 95 lbs!


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Deadlifts were low too.  When I started working out, I believe my deadlift max was 135 lbs with bad form.  My bench press was the highest(still with bad form) and was around 155 lbs.  I’m glad to say that those days are over.

I went from gym newbie to average gym goer in six months.  That seems pretty average, and I’m happy with that because now I am training to be above average!  Realistically, I think that’s what we all shoot for once we get used to lifting weights.

So today I wanted to ask you a few questions:

  1. How long have you been lifting weights?  If you don’t lift weights, what do you do to avoid being sedentary?
  2. Do you enjoy your weight lifting or other activity?
  3. Do you put a lot of emphasis on working legs(mostly directed toward weight lifters but sprinters and other sports also)?
  4. Are you happy with your progress?
  5. What leg workouts do you do the most?
  6. Any recommendations(broad question)?
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6 thoughts on “Join The Conversation On Leg Day

  1. Smithfitness says:

    1.I have been lifting for roughly 14 years now
    2. I really enjoyed lifting because I use it to help me become better in other activities( basketball, cycling etc)
    3. I try to have a balanced approach to weight training I perform a push, pull, squat, hip hinge, and core everyday
    4. I have been very happy( just got to maintain a good diet)
    5. Squat and Deadlift at least 3 days a week
    6.Try this an escalator workout start with 1 rep back squat 10 barbell Romanian Deadlift(RDL) then 2 Back Squat 9 RDL,… til 10 Back Squat 1 RDL try to get it done with as little break as possible. have fun

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  2. I’ve been lifting about two years. I mostly do plyo (jump training) and other body weight exercises right now. I ran a marathon last year, but didn’t do much cross training, just running. I add some weights occasionally now, to stay rounded. My favorite is a straight leg deadlift. I think the key is change it up. Keep trying new things. I think humans benefit most from a variety of functional training.

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  3. davidpwahr says:

    1. On and off since I was a teen and regularly since college – so about 40 years actually.
    2. I’ve always enjoyed lifting. I also enjoy walking/hiking, tap dancing, and have just recently taken up running. But lifting is my favorite.
    3. Not really, but my legs have always been a strong body part for me and develop easily (even my calves).
    4. Never! I’m not unhappy with it either – but we all want a little more I think.
    5. Squats, leg presses, calf raises, machine leg lifts and curls.
    6. Just to keep at it. You’ve got the right attitude to keep improving.

    Good questions and blog. I hope you get plenty of replies.

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