The Perfectionism Prison

Awesome post by “Persist To Fit”! I highly recommend you check it out! I know that I have struggled with this “stagnation” due to some need for perfection.

Remember, taking one wrong step is probably better than doing nothing at all.

Persist to Fit

I think it’s funny that I used to consider one of my strengths in being a perfectionist, I now know that is the farthest thing from the truth it was (and still can be) a weakness of mine.

Perfectionism traps you and creates that feeling of ‘stuck’ that so many feel on a day to day basis.  People living like this become so consumed in their relationship with perfectionism that they fail to make any moves.  The perfectionist is too worried about taking the wrong step to even take the first step into their journey.

Perfectionism is the killer of dreams.

Ask anyone who has a dream un-acted upon, why they have not gone after it yet or why they have not taken the first step, it’s probably some bullshit about how they don’t have resources X, Y, and Z. And they have nowhere to start, and they don’t want to fail…

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