Secret To Avoiding Thanksgiving Overeating:

This is interesting but I say pig out!

I also have a question for a lot of you fitness buffs! I am quickly becoming a fitness guy myself and I love writing fitness articles. I noticed something odd though…

I have been eating more and still looking leaner. My waist keeps getting slimmer and my shoulders keep getting broader. I believe that counting calories is important, but it doesn’t seem to matter for me.

What do you think? Is it a genetic gift or is it common in weight training?

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Chew More, Eat Less

6402952341_165ac9f79f_mAccording to the Calorie Control Council, an international body representing the low and reduced calorie food and drink industry, the average American could consume as much as 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving.

The main holiday meal including turkey and all the trimmings and must-have sides, a slice or two of pie, as well as a hefty dose of booze can load you down with 3000 calories.  The remaining 1,500 calories come courtesy of hours of pre-dinner grazing on chips, breads and dips and other insalubrious appetizers and nibbles.

Note this whopping calorie count doesn’t include breakfast or that night-time leftover turkey sandwich supper.

Short of being the holiday Grinch and smugly refusing to indulge in the communal feasting that is inextricably linked with Thanksgiving, is there anything that can be done to stave off the seemingly inevitable pile-up of festive pounds?


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2 thoughts on “Secret To Avoiding Thanksgiving Overeating:

  1. I believe part of it is due to feeding your body the right foods, but the other part is that you’re not leaving your body in starvation mood; it knows you’re going to refuel soon, so doesn’t store fat as “just in case” energy.

    This is just going from what I learned about my own body when I was training to do body building last year (which I’ve decided I’m not going to do until I have kids, cos that diet was NOT ideal for actual health)… but still going to get back to a similar lifestyle now that I’m LIVING IN A CITY AGAIN!!!


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