The Fitness Masochistic Paradox

I’m thinking that getting bulky was exceptionally easy for me.  However, getting lean is an entirely different story.

It seems that there’s a reason why people are always wanting to give up when they are attempting to lose weight on shows like “The Biggest Loser”.  Losing weight takes a lot of discipline!  The reason why gaining weight was so easy for me?  It took consistency and dedication, but no discipline for me.

I would eat whatever I wanted to gain weight.  I’d eat a lot, and gaining weight just depended on me lifting weights at a progressive overload.  Of course, I didn’t care as much about the cardio because I was trying to get big!  That’s not to say I didn’t do cardio to minimize the fat gains.  It just wasn’t top priority, and it was a lot more challenging.

Doing cardio and eating clean?  That sounded brutal.  I’ve done it before, and I honestly thought it sucked.  Oddly enough, that could be because I get addicted to crap foods and not because eating clean is actually horrible.

It does feel like a mission, though, and while bulking required the consistency, cutting is requiring a lot of discipline.  I am doing my best to develop the discipline needed to lose weight, and honestly it feels like some weird masochistic effort.  That is, I’m inflicting all of this pain on myself in the moment during my training and I’m depriving myself of the crap foods.


..the crap I used to eat provided by FreeImages.Com

So why do I call this masochism?  I like doing it!  It’s a challenge.  I’m putting myself into challenge and I’m going to come out of this a lot stronger than I was when I started..

It’s a paradox because it may be hard now, but it only gets easier as I continue to push myself and succeed at my goals.  Before too long, I will be bigger, faster, stronger and as lean as can be!  I believe I can achieve my goals through a little pain and hardship now…

and you can too!

My mile times are speeding up, I’m eating fewer calories, and I’m beginning to feel like a healthy individual.  Progress is, as always, a matter of consistency and discipline.  I’ll keep grinding, and I hope you do too.

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10 thoughts on “The Fitness Masochistic Paradox

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  2. Chaserlogist says:

    Thanks for the follow …

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  3. pixieannie says:

    Well done. Perhaps you could view this in a different way. You can still eat foods such as pizza (if that’s what you love) but eliminate the cheese or make the base from something else. I could suggest my cauliflower pizza. It really was delicious.

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    • Ok 🙂 so just eating foods in a better way. I like that idea.

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      • pixieannie says:

        Yes. It’s simply that I like to think of eating habits as lifelong. Considering foods to be off limits or bad, is not achievable over the long term. Making them in a slightly different way, or having less of them is always worth a try. It’s still quite early in the winter and I’m trying hard to gain weight. Given the nature of my injury, I’m now not able to use any weights and am running more. This is a recipe for weight loss and not something I’m keen on at this moment. I’m struggling to get in enough calories to not end up with a deficit and so I’ll have to resort to drinking chocolate with cream. That’s not so bad.


  4. memadtwo says:

    Finishing up a seven day detox. It eliminated eggs, dairy,alcohol,wheat, red meat…basically fish, chicken, vegetables, a little brown rice. It’s been a good experience. I’ve worked out taking it a little easier. Going to try to stay away from the crap foods, that’s the key for sure. I enjoy your blog. N.

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