Progress To The SMART physique

A week ago I introduced you to SMART goals and how to get ripped implementing smart strategies. To read up on how to cut down your body fat and achieve your perfect physique in a timely and attainable manner, click here.

I’ve been using SMART goals along with intermittent fasting to cut down the body fat, and cut out the excuses.

..cut down the body fat, and cut out the excuses.

I have been intermittent fasting for a few weeks and my results aren’t incredibly impressive. Here are some pictures I took today:


I have a decent amount of size and a wide back so I assumed that intermittent fasting may help me achieve my goals. While it does help with portioning due to a small eating window, it didn’t necessarily help me lose any fat. It actually became hard to retain muscle mass and I overate to compensate.

So for this past week I have decided intermittent fasting will just not work for me. Now, with SMART goals in mind, I am taking more calculation into my fat loss. 

In the past week I have already lost two pounds and I am feeling better than I was before. I am drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, taking a multivitamin along with my fish oil and vegetables, and eating high quantities of lean meat.

My training is consistent and now, with my diet on point, I am more than confident that you will be seeing a completely transformed Christian Boyles over the course of the next few months.

This confidence is because I set SMART goals for myself and I’ve built the character through trial and error.

Just remember, no matter how many times you fall down…

..continue to get back up and keep trying. You know deep down that you have a lot of potential and you can, and will, be victorious.


Write A Lot For Stronger Muscles


By writing something every day I have found that finding something important enough to write about is often a journey that becomes incredibly introspective.  You have to dig deep inside your own head sometimes to find what it is that you want to share with others, and what is really on your mind.  You finally find it, after all of that hard thinking, and you realize each time that you are possibly gaining more from this than your audience:

  1. Self-Respect – You completed a big task today.  You got the new post up.  You worked hard on something you loved and you are actively pursuing your dreams.
  2. Yourself – this process is incredibly wrapped around your individuality and what you contribute to other people.  You find where you fit in.  You find what your passion is.  You find who YOU are.

The above is what I have learned by writing new posts for you.  The more dedicated I become, the more I realize I have further to go.  I also find how dedicated I truly am to this.  In the process, I realize that I am extremely passionate about writing and fitness.  Because of this, I’m about to explain to you how writing and working out go well together and how you can use both of them in conjunction to achieve your fitness goals:

  1. Keeping a journal – As I mentioned in my post Be Smart and Work Hard, writing in a journal or in your phone’s notepad app can be incredibly beneficial.  The reason why?  We go about our days constantly being bombarded with situations and problems.  Life can be a lot to wrap your head around so having a journal can help you categorize your thoughts and find a better plan of action.  It can also be incredibly helpful in recording your gym results.  You write down your accomplishments and then you may look back and see what you have to improve on.
  2. Re-finding your passion – Again, life can be a lot to wrap your head around sometimes.  Sometimes life just pushes us so much that we want to be lazy or complacent.  And it’s easy to be lazy or complacent, but it’s not easy to live your dreams.  However, you have to take a step each day towards being aggressive about your goals.  Do not allow yourself the comfort of settling somewhere shy of success.  A good way to prevent this is to write things out online a lot like I am here, on Maxed Out Muscles.  I look back at my old posts and where I started, and I see how far I’ve come.  I realize each time that I have a serious passion for lifting weights and becoming the best Christian Boyles.  Not only that, but the comments that some of  you leave on my posts are what often motivate me to hit the gym and work harder.
  3. Networking – Networking and writing can be two sides of the same coin now that blogging has become so popular.  When you put your voice out there in the form of a well written article you’ll find others who have the same interests and goals.  These people will often be who push you and motivate you to work harder.  It goes along well with what I said above about re-finding your passion.

Those are just three small ways that writing can help you with building your dream physique.  You can use it in a number of ways.  As I said, you could use it as a lifting journal or count your macros by writing them down.  Just, by writing out something, I am sure you will be more organized and more prone to success.

So write it down and reach your full potential in life and in the gym. 

Using SMART Goals To Get Ripped In Three Months

Write Your SMART goals down in a journal!
Write Your SMART goals down in a journal!

SMART goals are used by businesses and smart people to set their goals in a way that makes those goals:

  1. Specific – goals are very specific and include detail of what, why, and how the goal should be accomplished.
  2. Measurable – goals should have tangible evidence of how to tell whether you’ve completed them or not.
  3. Achievable – the goals should be very possible and not impossible.  If a goal is impossible it is likely to only discourage someone.  If the goal is obtainable then the person achieving the goal may feel very proud of themselves once they finish.
  4. Results focused – there should be a clear explanation for why you’re completing the goal.  Also, there should be a definite result from completing this goal that can impact you or your work.
  5. Time bound – there should be a set date for when you need to complete this goal.  Your goal should have some urgency involved to its completion.

If you haven’t noticed yet, SMART is an acronym standing for specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.

Not only are SMART goals a great way to accomplish things in your life or at your workplace, but they can also be very handy when you are wanting to make achievements at the gym.  If you haven’t read my post titled “Victory From A Goal And A Direction And Why You Can Succeed” I highly recommend you click here because that post relates very closely to what I am about to talk about with SMART goals.  Now, it’s time to explain why SMART goals are so important:

  1. They help give the driven a path to follow.  Is your mind cluttered with all sorts of ideas of what you want to do?  Then it’s good that you’re driven, but write out some SMART goals so that you can truly be successful.
  2. They raise your confidence!  When you set small, achievable goals they will eventually add up and you will realize that you have achieved a lot more than you originally thought possible.
  3. Businesses have been using them for years!  Do you want to try and reinvent the wheel or do you want to find what has worked for successful people for a long time already?  Great, I know you made the right choice.

As I said earlier, you can apply these goals to fitness the same way you can life and work.  Simply pick something and go for it!  Here I’ll show you my current SMART goals on getting ripped in three months and this will give you the framework on how to write your own SMART goals:

  1. List the goal –  My goal is to get ripped in three months!
  2. Be specific – I will achieve sub-10% body fat by February by eating at a small caloric deficit, intermittently fasting, and I am doing this because I want to feel good about my body and my health.
  3. Measurable – I will know how close I am to achieving a body fat % below ten by using a body fat caliper.  I can also track my results using measuring tape and a scale to check my weight.  There are also some clear physical attributes that will become noticeable as I obtain a lower body fat %.
  4. Achievable – The goal is very achievable.  The average person can expect to lose about two pounds of fat a week and once I am lower in body fat I know that may slow down, so I expect to lose about two to three pounds of fat a week for a while.  After those first two months, I expect to lose about a pound of fat a week resulting in that low body fat %.  Plenty of people have done this successfully; it simply takes time and dedication to a healthy and balanced diet.
  5. Results focused – The benefit of accomplishing this goal is the fact that I will feel good about myself and I will build the values and confidence to achieve more SMART goals.  As a result, when I move on towards my next goal of gaining lean muscle mass, I will have a lot more confidence in the fact that I can achieve the things I set my mind on.
  6. Time bound – The completion date that I have established is February.  This puts a lot of urgency on me and a lot of pressure even if it is attainable.  This urgency is a great thing though, because I am more likely to stick to my diet and work harder to achieve my goal in that set amount of time.

As you can see, I have a great framework for my SMART goals and I hope you decide to write some goals out for yourself.

Just use the same SMART goal rubric I taught you and do your best to achieve something because you’re smart and capable.

Motivation And Why You Should Fight Resistance

“The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only

build a strong character,” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not only was Arnold Schwarzenegger an extraordinary bodybuilder, but also an extraordinary man.  He seemed to understand exactly what I’ve been trying to say for the past few days.  Building muscle and working out isn’t something that is only physical,

it’s mental.  It’s emotional.  It’s spiritual.

Allow me to explain.  Every day you go into that gym you are saying something.  You may not actually be vocal about it but you are clearly and proudly making a statement.  Ready?

You’re saying, “I’m not where I want to be, but I will work my butt off to get there.”  Or maybe you’re saying, “I value my health and well-being, and I’m going to take whatever steps are necessary for staying healthy.”  Either way, you are doing something that not a lot of people are capable of; you are fighting that resistance.

You may go into the gym and do resistance training with weights or running on the treadmill, but either way you are pushing against your body’s urge to quit.  Your body may want to give up, may want to be weak, and may want to rest…

but you won’t quit!  You won’t give up!  You will do whatever it takes to be in control of your health and you will fight that resistance!

You can go in the gym day in and day out and it is guaranteed that as long as you are consistent, you will see some results.  You will work hard and “work your butt off” and perhaps what I just said won’t be only metaphorical.  You might lose sixty pounds.  You might gain muscle and tone up.  You can be in peak physical shape, and all you have to do is fight that resistance.

And let’s not forget about the resistance we all fight in life!  Right now, as you’re reading this, you may recall something you dreamed of doing that just seems so difficult right now.  Have you really gone all out for it?  Have you given it 100% of your effort?  The things that you probably dream of most in life won’t come easy…They will give you resistance also,

and it’s up to you to fight that resistance.


Fight that resistance and as Arnold said, “build a strong character.”

Victory From A Goal And A Direction And Why You Can Succeed

“I’m going to get ripped!  I’m going to get jacked!  I’m going to be huge….

The most important question I have is WHERE DO I BEGIN!?” –beginner

“Have you tried intermittent fasting?  What about dropping your carbs?  How about doing a low-fat diet?” -random gym bro 

“No, no!  Don’t listen to those suggestions!!  Just drop your calories to get ripped or raise them to gain muscles!” –a different person who works out that has different advice..


There’s a HUGE problem with the conversation I just made above.

FIRST OF ALL, when you begin working out you are going to have a lot of questions.  However, you need to slow down for just a moment.  You need to slow down so you can congratulate yourself.  You may have a high body fat percentage or you may be extremely skinny, but you’ve made the conscious decision to better yourself.

..and that’s very admirable.

Now, I hope you’re feeling good about yourself.  You should.  Exercising and working out should be fun; after all, it’s about self-improvement and that’s something that should be congratulated.

And now it’s time to dissect this hypothetical conversation I made up at the begging of this post:

If you’re asking any of the questions I posted above, then you definitely have goals.  You have goals and you set the bar high for yourself, and that’s awesome.  If you’re like me and you asked all of these questions at once, then I’d say great but make sure you also have one other very important thing….direction. 

It’s great to have an idea of what your “dream body destination” is, and it’s great to have these goals for yourself but without direction…well, without direction you’re not going to reach your destination.  So, you’re starting to think about these two words that I’m bringing up a lot in this post:  Goals(you could say drive?) and direction.  

Your goals are what drive you.  Your goal of getting a ripped six pack or 18 inch biceps is what is driving you to do something about it.  

Your direction(s) are the planned steps you’ll take to reach your destination of the above mentioned six pack or 18 inch arms.

Now you see what was wrong with the conversation at the beginning of this post?  The beginner had a lot of great goals for his or herself but had no idea what to do about it.  They had no idea what steps to take to get there, and would take advice from just about anyone.  That’s not something to be ashamed of, because I’m sure we’ve all been there.

But if I could go back four months to when I started, I’d do this:  I’d write out my goals, my dreams, and what I want from the hard work I am willing to put in.  I’d think long and hard about what my objective is in going to the gym.  I’d spend a long time thinking about these objectives and then I’d think “Well, how am I going to do it?” 

Once I have my goals in mind, I’d pick just one.  I’d pick just one goal to start with and put everything I had into succeeding at that one objective.  I could do some small work with other activities, but there would be one goal that I would give my everything!

Let’s step back for a second and see what was said:  

“I’m going to get ripped!  I’m going to get jacked!  I’m going to be huge….

The most important question I have is WHERE DO I BEGIN!?” –beginner

Now, we know that the beginner has three different goals that are actually conflicting goals.  It will take time to achieve all three.  The people that this beginner was asking probably didn’t know this person very well, and they told him or her what worked for them personally.  That’s not bad, and there was good intention from them in doing so, but what the beginner needs is not actual advice in nutrition or exercise to start things out.

This beginner needs some help building character.

The diet is extremely important!  The exercise and lifting is important, but what this person needs the most starting out is character.  This person needs to not only have the passion and drive to achieve these goals, but he/she also needs a plan.

So as I said earlier, I’d pick one.  I’d pick one of those objectives and focus on one wholeheartedly.  Let’s say this person takes that into consideration and decides to go for that ripped, 8% body fat look.

..and so it begins!  This person has not only found the passion and the drive to achieve this goal, but also has a plan and will follow it step-by-step until they succeed.  This person will probably study work-outs and nutrition intensely.  They’ll learn a lot of things they didn’t know in the beginning.  They will find what works for them and then one day…

One day, this person will look in the mirror.  This person will look in the mirror and see cuts and striations that they didn’t have months before.  They will see that six pack abs that they were aiming for in the beginning.  They won!  That wasn’t dramatic enough…


And it’s not like they just won in one area of their life!  Sure, it was one victory…but what about all the small victories it took to achieve that dream?  What about all the days they succeeded in building good study habits for learning about how to do it?  What about all the days they wanted to eat something that was bad for them but didn’t?  What about all the days they didn’t want to weight train but went to the gym anyways?

All of these small victories made this person more familiar with victory.  They learned discipline, study habits, and victory.

Congratulations to this person who started with nothing but a dream.  This person became a warrior who charged towards anything they wanted with the heart of a lion and took what they deserved!  They took what they wanted because they could earn it through hard work.

Also, the character values they gained from succeeding they can now take over to their next endeavor.  When this lean person decides they want to gain a substantial amount of muscle it will be a lot easier than the journey to becoming lean.

Why?  Because they now have study habits and discipline.  If they have the same passion and drive that they had to get lean, they will take that over to their next goal and succeed.

Through having that same goal-minded mentality and a clear path they will succeed, and so will I.

and so can you!


A Big Thank You To My Readers and The Blogger Recognition Award

blogger recognition award


  1.  Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog (Click here to visit Robert T. George’s blog)
  2.  Write a post and give a brief story about how your blog started.
  3.  Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.
  4.  Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.
  5.  Let the nominees know you have nominated them and give a link to the nomination details.

Why I started M.O.M. (Maxed Out Muscles)

I started this website because I’ve always wanted to have a purpose and be able to help other people.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I am very young, but have been pushed to be successful by everyone who comes into my life.

I had a lot of hardships and struggles with Crohn’s disease all while I changed my career path and my goals multiple times.  I finally got so stressed and sick that I said “Enough is ENOUGH!”  You can click here to read more about how I decided to make a change in my life and impact others.

Advice for New Bloggers

Whatever you are blogging for, make sure you do it from a place of sincerity.  Sincerity is always the most important aspect of blogging.  You are yourself, and you want it to show in your work, because blogging is an expression of who you are as a person.  You are expressing yourself through the words you write and the posts that you update and share with others.

Whether you are sharing these posts with other people or simply writing for yourself, you always want to be yourself and be sincere.  If it’s simply for you, then write from a place of sincerity so that you will have your thoughts written out for “future you” when you go back to read them.  If it’s for others, then write from sincerity as others won’t even want to read your content if they can tell you’re phony.

On another note, when you are writing for an audience, make sure you are always using your own style and voice.  You don’t want people to feel that they’re reading a cheap knock-off of some other blog.  You also don’t want people to feel like you’re only doing it to make money.

Personally, when I write these posts I try to be as helpful and sincere as possible.  I want people to read my posts and feel like I somehow added some form of information, entertainment, or wisdom to their life.  If there is anything I can do to network with other people and help others as sort of a community, I will do it.  I feel that this is what has made my website grow so fast.  It is my belief that if you want those same results then you should take the same route with your own site.  Just think…

How can this post help other people…?

Who I nominate:





Athlete on Steroids





My Final Comments:  Thank you

I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed into making this site very popular in what seems to have been overnight.  Sure, I’ve been doing this for almost two months….but you made these two months fly.  If it weren’t for you reading my articles, commenting on some of my pages, and occasionally leaving a like…

I probably couldn’t have kept doing this…

But you kept coming back!  And it’s for that, that I want to thank you.

Because of you, who has read my posts and kept coming back for my new articles, I have began to develop my own voice when I write and I have actually felt like I’ve genuinely helped people.  I can only hope, that as I keep making new posts, I can be as helpful to you as you have been to me.

At least I can only hope!

Counting Macros VERSUS Eating Healthy


You want to be in the best shape of your life!  You also want your routine to be sustainable and to keep the gains you get over time.  There’s a new way of dieting, or I should say non-dieting, called IIFYM.  IIFYM stands for “If It Fits Your Macros.”

The idea is that you count your macros and focus on getting all of your proteins, fats, and calories.  This actually works, because you are simply calorie counting to the extreme.

It’s fun to tease at the idea of eating a PopTart or a Snickers bar and saying, “So what? It fits my macros” but let’s think about how that would work.  Basically, when eating something unhealthy like poptarts or candy, you are taking up space for nutritional calories and macro-nutrients you can get from nice, lean foods.

On all of my fitness tracking apps, they recommend only 80 grams of fat a day.  Imagine eating some fast food on one of your days.  It may fit your macros, but how much fat does it have?  Probably too much.  You’ll end up eating half of your daily macros in one meal.  This leads to making things difficult and you’ll end up having to eat leaner foods throughout the day.

In conclusion, I think IIFYM is a good idea because at first it’s fun to toy with the thought of eating unhealthy and then you realize you can’t.  You realize you can’t eat out much or eat a lot of junk food and still make it fit your macros.  The best thing about IIFYM is that you’ll become more aware of how much of each macro your foods have and of the caloric content.  You’ll wind up knowing what’s leaner and how to eat in moderation.

If It Fits Your Macros and eating healthy aren’t two different choices.  They’re two sides of the same coin.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.  Please subscribe to my website, MAXED OUT MUSCLES! 🙂

Ultimate PUMP Workout – Chest and Back

You don’t want just any pump!  You want the ultimate pump.  You want to look so big that you can finally go to brosciencelife‘s website and buy a “Don’t Spot Me.  Watch Me” t-shirt.  You want to look huge in one of them shirts, so you don’t want to just wear the shirt.  You want to rock that shirt, and look jacked in that shirt.  You have only two options:

A) Don’t buy the shirt, or buy it and look small.

B) Lift some heavy weights and build some alpha-type muscles that you will need to show some good size in that shirt!

Here is a chest and back workout that will not only make you feel great!  It will also tear down your muscles and make them ready for growth in just the way you are wanting them to.  Here is what you can do:


3 sets of incline at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

3 sets of decline at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

3 sets of dumbbell incline at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

3 sets of flies at 60% for AGAIN 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

2 sets of weighted pushups at 50% for 10 reps, and then at 80% for 5 reps.


If you’re doing a front and back split like me, then you may mix these around with your chest workouts if you wish.  I do my dead lifts right after I finish my inclines and declines so that I can get done with the rack as soon as possible, and get out of other peoples’ way.

2 sets of dead lifts at ten warm-up reps of 135 lbs, and your second set at whatever you can do for 5 to 8 reps.

3 sets of shoulder press at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

2 sets of shrugs at 60% for ten reps, and then 90% for 5 reps.

3 sets of lat pull-downs at 60% for ten reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

Lastly, I like to do wall stands as it seems to be pretty hard for me to do and I wouldn’t mind building enough upper body strength to do push ups without my legs or to walk on my hands!

I sincerely hope that you found this list helpful and that you can use some of the workouts I mentioned in your own chest and back days.  Better yet, I hope you try my workout.  Thanks for reading and please subscribe to Maxed Out Muscles.

Are You Confident Or Insecure? Rep It Out!

“I try my best to leave my ego outside,” is what one of the most jacked, aesthetic guys at New Leaf Fitness said the other day.  It’s a common idea, but not one that a lot of average people would expect to hear from a daily gym-goer, meat head, or serious bodybuilder.

“Oh really?!  Keep my ego outside of the gym…There’s no way you have ever done that,” is what I’d expect some of my own critics to say to me.  However, he really did say that and so would I.  The truth is that working out is a great way to please your ego and make you more self-confident, but what happens when you are bloated with self-esteem issues and pride?

Do you:

A) Always attempt lifting a weight that is far too much for you?

B) Constantly check yourself out in the mirror?

C) Only give your mirror muscles a work-out?

D) HAVE to lift as much as the other guy at your gym who has probably been lifting for years?

E) Constantly think about supplementing your “gains” with steroids or pro-hormones?

If YOU said yes to any of the above questions, then you may need to take my friend’s advice and leave your ego outside.  Luckily for you, a big part of lifting weights is building character values such as discipline and humility. Here is a short list of things I compiled during today’s workout that may help YOU succeed at your gym-going endeavors.  Not only that, but these tips may help you succeed at life in general:

  • Practice humbling yourself when speaking to other people.


Keep a smile on your face and try not to talk about yourself too much!  If you make it about them you’re happy to listen to them, then you are well on your way to getting that ego of yours on lock down. This carries on into the gym, where you’ll notice that you are happy to listen to more experienced lifters who want to give you advice.  You may even become more apt to initiate the conversation.  You may wind up asking them how to improve your form or how you should go about seeing better results.  Over time, a well developed sense of humility can only make others more likely to help you on your fitness and life endeavors.

  • Make sure that your mentors are humble.

You want to be humble!  You want to listen to the advice older, more experienced people have for you.  You also know that if you hang out with losers, you’re more likely to be a loser.  Be careful about who you surround yourself with and who you take advice from.  This is a bit more challenging, but be a little selective when looking for advice.  Respect everyone and at times respectfully disagree, but make sure you don’t allow someone to give you serious self-esteem issues.

  • Try working out solo!

A lot of people don’t like to work out alone, and oftentimes there are plenty of good reasons for that.  Maybe you like to lift heavy and need a spotter.  Maybe you need the extra boost of support from a friend to get into the gym.  However, if your spotter and you work out in a way where you get seriously too competitive then it may be time to fly solo.  I’m not saying competition is always a bad thing. However, if you are so competitive with your gym buddy that you’re constantly worried that he/she can curl more than you then it may be damaging your self esteem and causing you to lift too much too soon.  Try working out by yourself with good amounts of TUT(time under tension) and progressive overload.

  • Wear baggy clothes that don’t show your muscles.

A sweatshirt, maybe?
A sweatshirt, maybe?
It’s not always a bad thing to inspect yourself and make sure that you are making some serious gains. However, if you’re checking yourself out for 75 minutes and lifting for 60 then it may be time to take action.  Some sweats would be a great option as that’s appropriate gym gear!  You know what I mean…as long as you don’t cut the sleeves off! 😉

All of this was just my advice and my personal opinion.  Keep in mind that working out is awesome, and it’s good for you.  I hope that you see a lot of impressive gains and that you have genuine self-confidence, discipline, and humility.

Have a great day!  Please subscribe to my blog via email, wordpress, or twitter for updates of my new posts.

Keep lifting folks.

The Liebster Award! (and MORE!)

As the title suggests, I was nominated for the Liebster Award! That’s really exciting for me and I am extremely grateful of BOTH people who nominated be; those great WordPress bloggers are A Little Corner Of Me and MyMemoirs. Both of their blogs are excellent and I’d highly recommend you check them out if you’re looking for a good read!

The Liebster Awards

These awards only have a few rules: 

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog
  2. Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  3. Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers
  4. Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.

I have a lot of questions to answer, since I was nominated by two bloggers….so here goes! 😉

  1. Why are you blogging? I began blogging because of my love of fitness and the personal transformation I went through by dealing with a stressful life due to Crohn’s Disease. I discovered what worked for me, and it is my dream to reach out to millions of people who need help with nutrition and exercise.
  2. For those who haven’t encountered your website before, how would you summarise your website in a sentence or two? Need some advice on diet and nutrition, or do you want to get involved in a community with like-minded people with fitness goals? Then MaxedoutMuscles is the site for you.
  3. What you would say is the most important aspect of life and why? If you cannot think of just one, give a few 🙂 There are definitely many. A few examples would be faith, love, sincerity, and passion. I’d prefer not to get more detailed because really those words have a lot of meaning.
  4. For what you currently blog about, are you planning on blogging about other stuff as well? If so, what? I’ve been blogging about fitness and sometimes I go a little off track. If I decide to make another portion of my blog, I think it would be on current events. I always loved The Daily Show and would like to look at news stories in a satirical fashion.
  5. What would you say is your favourite cuisine? I don’t eat cuisine, unless Lean Cuisine counts 😉
  6. How would you describe your time at school? Did you enjoy it? What were your favourite subjects? If you are at school, then change the tense to present =P hehe I liked some things about school! I was somewhat popular but I don’t like that people are only around each other there because they basically have to be. When I go back to school, I’ll be studying nutrition so I know I’ll meet like minded people who, with which,  will mutually enjoy each other’s company.
  7. What, in your opinion, is the best blog post you’ve made? If you cannot think of one, give a few 🙂 Honestly, it’s always the newest one. I try to come up with good ideas and be interactive with you guys. Right now, this is my favorite post because of all the work I put into it.
  8. Is there something about you that not many people know about? It can be a very simple thing. Like for example, for me, i am very good at knocking into people when i’m walking on the streets xD very embarrassing ;P I’m mostly an open book. I don’t think there is much about me that is ever a secret.
  9. What is your Myer Briggs Type Indicator? If you don’t know what that is, take the test here! It said I’m the “Campaigner” or ENFP-A!
  10.  What do you like doing in your free time? Ok, DON’T say blogging xD, i know it’s tempting to say that =P Working out and reading books on nutrition and anatomy.

The questions above were from “MyMemoirs”. Now for the questions from “A Little Corner of Me.”

  1. Who is your least favourite book character? Probably Huckleberry Finn. I just found those books kind of boring and he wasn’t as witty as Tom Sawyer.
  2. What is your tip for staying motivated? Make sure that what you are working on is something you are passionate about! If you are passionate about it, it will be easier to be motivated.
  3. What recently surprised you? I started getting over a thousand views a day on this site! That was crazy. It’s dipped back down but still pretty good.
  4. If you could change one thing, what would it be? I guess a little extra money to start off wouldn’t hurt, but really I don’t think I’d change anything.
  5. Are you always hot or cold? I change all the time. I’m not usually comfortable though!
  6. Is there a food you loathe? I cannot stand olives!
  7. Dog or cat person? Definitely a dog person.
  8. Favourite film quote? “Life’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward,” -Sylvester Stallone, Rocky 6
  9. Where do you want to be in five years? In Florida, on the beach.
  10. Can you remember a memory from when you were 10? My grandfather passed away when I was ten, but that’s sad. I also remember looking at a girl I liked back then from my front porch, but I was too shy to say anything.

Here is who I am nominating, and it is much deserved for them:

Pixie Annie!

Spartan Daddy!

Athlete On Steroids!

I deeply apologized if I missed anyone on this list because there are honestly a lot of you who deserve an award for amazing content! 

Also!!! Here is this week’s video! It ties in with this post so I hope you watch it. 


      I forgot to add ten questions so here they are, for all of the people I nominated.

      1. How long have you been blogging?
      2. Do you enjoy blogging?
      3. Why do you blog?
      4. What is your favorite food?
      5. What is your favorite subject to talk about?
      6. Do you lift?
      7. Cardio?
      8. Nutrition?
      9. Are you having a good day?
      10. What would make today better?