Form is MOST Important

Don’t worry about the routine, or how many reps before you worry about form. The most humbling and gratifying aspect of lifting can be learning you need to fix your form. You’re humbled because you still don’t know everything, but at the same time excited because you should know the higher weights and better routines will come with better form.

Just remember to lift right before you lift a lot. It’s better to lift small than lift big and blow something out. Have a great day.

Mechanic’s License Before Operating Heavy Weight

I just thought of the title for this as I am sitting here at the gym between sets of squat. Be careful when you do great exercises like the squat or deadlift. Heavy weight won’t do you much good if you don’t have the mechanics down for the exercise. Don’t be ashamed to do lower weight if you can get used to the squat and have excellent form. Thanks for reading.