Make The Most Of A Hump Day

Wednesdays seem to cause a funk across the board making everyone a little irritable or tired, and that’s why they’re classically called hump day. Whether a Wednesday is just supposed to be tiresome being that it is midway through your work week, or not, you should do your best to keep your attitude great and do something that is good for you.

I’d recommend doing something productive. Do you like blogging? Good. Then Wednesday night, write that awesome blog post you were wanting to get around to and then let yourself rest.

In the end, I suppose any day could be your hump day and anytime you start to slip into a funk just do your best to 

1) Get one productive thing done.

2) Rest.

That’s the one-two punch that should take you from zero to hero, and in no time at all you can rock the rest of your week with an energy and enthusiasm that you were starting to lose.

Thanks for reading.