Helpful Daily Reminders


As a guy in his early 20s, it’s important that I consistently ‘check myself before I wreck myself.’ By that I, more or less, mean that I’m young and I don’t have everything figured out or the wisdom associated with getting older. I can still live a good life though, and seem very mature for my age. To do that, I try and remind myself three things daily.

  1. I Don’t Know Everything. It’s Best To Not Be Very Presumptuous. I’ve made the error, several times, of being a ‘know-it-all.’ The funny thing is that everything is 20/20 in hindsight and when I look back at my life a year ago or two weeks ago, I notice that I could have done things a lot better. I always look back at conversations I had with people I knew and it seems like l completely didn’t listen to them or show them the respect that they deserve.
  2. The World Really Is Kind Of Like A Mirror. Again, I notice that things are 20/20 in hindsight and it always seems like when I look back, that a lot of the problems I have with other people are at least 50% my own fault. There were times where I thought people didn’t like me or I had a weak conversation with someone, and at the time I thought that their side wasn’t justified. However, every time I look back I often think I could have handled my situations more maturely or been more confident in myself.
  3. Fake It Until You Make It. I know I was just talking about being presumptuous but I feel that this has got to be true. I learned this from a mentor of mine, and he told me that for whatever I want in life I will have to ‘fake it till I make it.’ According to him, if you want to actually be happy then you need to strive to always have a smile on your face. If you want to be successful then dress the part. If you want to be confident in yourself then start faking it until it becomes natural.

Those three points seem to be the best strategies for getting through life at the moment, and they seem to be a kind of “life-hack” for me as I know I’m young and I haven’t gotten everything figured out yet.

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