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Why I started M.O.M. (Maxed Out Muscles)

I started this website because I’ve always wanted to have a purpose and be able to help other people.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I am very young, but have been pushed to be successful by everyone who comes into my life.

I had a lot of hardships and struggles with Crohn’s disease all while I changed my career path and my goals multiple times.  I finally got so stressed and sick that I said “Enough is ENOUGH!”  You can click here to read more about how I decided to make a change in my life and impact others.

Advice for New Bloggers

Whatever you are blogging for, make sure you do it from a place of sincerity.  Sincerity is always the most important aspect of blogging.  You are yourself, and you want it to show in your work, because blogging is an expression of who you are as a person.  You are expressing yourself through the words you write and the posts that you update and share with others.

Whether you are sharing these posts with other people or simply writing for yourself, you always want to be yourself and be sincere.  If it’s simply for you, then write from a place of sincerity so that you will have your thoughts written out for “future you” when you go back to read them.  If it’s for others, then write from sincerity as others won’t even want to read your content if they can tell you’re phony.

On another note, when you are writing for an audience, make sure you are always using your own style and voice.  You don’t want people to feel that they’re reading a cheap knock-off of some other blog.  You also don’t want people to feel like you’re only doing it to make money.

Personally, when I write these posts I try to be as helpful and sincere as possible.  I want people to read my posts and feel like I somehow added some form of information, entertainment, or wisdom to their life.  If there is anything I can do to network with other people and help others as sort of a community, I will do it.  I feel that this is what has made my website grow so fast.  It is my belief that if you want those same results then you should take the same route with your own site.  Just think…

How can this post help other people…?

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My Final Comments:  Thank you

I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed into making this site very popular in what seems to have been overnight.  Sure, I’ve been doing this for almost two months….but you made these two months fly.  If it weren’t for you reading my articles, commenting on some of my pages, and occasionally leaving a like…

I probably couldn’t have kept doing this…

But you kept coming back!  And it’s for that, that I want to thank you.

Because of you, who has read my posts and kept coming back for my new articles, I have began to develop my own voice when I write and I have actually felt like I’ve genuinely helped people.  I can only hope, that as I keep making new posts, I can be as helpful to you as you have been to me.

At least I can only hope!

The Key To Climbing to the Top and Why YOU Should Do It Today


I always try to make posts that I hope can help my viewers and subscribers, and so I usually try to leave the point of focus off of myself. The problems or help guides that I post may be something I found useful for me, but I write it out to you.

The truth is, I write a lot of things out to you that I wish I had known a long time ago.  There’s always so many things I wish I had known two years ago or three years ago and the only thing I can do now is pass what I know down to people who are high school age, or any age really.  If I can be anything, I can try to be like a big brother. 

And so today I want to tell you what has been on my mind.  I want to tell you what I did today and what really has me thinking about life and success.  Again, I’m doing this because I want to motivate you.


I went into work today and, as usual, I wasn’t really happy.  It’s not that my job is very hard and it is not like anyone treats me bad there either, but today has been extremely different.  While I’m thankful for the job, I realized that it’s a stepping stone for me.  I need the job at the moment because I have debt to pay.  My plan is to go back to school for nutrition and be well on my way to success(for those of you who don’t know, my name is Christian Boyles, and I have a lot to say to you about my battle with Crohn’s and how I want to help people with nutrition, click here or here).

As I said, I walked into work today and immediately I felt depressed.  In that moment, it is just draining to think that I want to help people with nutrition and training, but I’m at a Walmart stocking soda.  Again, I’m thankful for the job I have but I know I am meant to do much more.  

“…I am meant to do much more.”  

So I got off work, got home, and began to think.  Honestly, I was still depressed.  It was almost like I was in kind of a funk, but then I realized that there are things in life that you have control over and there are things in life that you don’t.  And I know one thing for sure!  I can’t help it that I grew up without a lot of money to help me with an easier transition through college.  I can’t help it that all of that happened and it led me to where I’m at today.  But there is something I can do.  

I can acknowledge that I am far better off than I was a year ago, and I am moving in a much more positive direction.

I have to credit my current success to three things:

  1. Incredible People in my Life – If it weren’t for my great-grandmother who raised me, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  If it wasn’t for my mom giving me tough times, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  It was the challenges that my mother presented in my youth and the love that my great-grandmother gave me that ultimately molded who I am today.  And it’s not like everything going on in my life is a direct result of two people.  It seems that there are always people who come and go, but they are like shooting stars.  You see them for a moment and it’s a beautiful site, like looking up at that night sky, because they can really do something positive in your life that can really impact who you will become.
  2. My Personality – This is 100% the most conceited thing I have to say.  However, if I wasn’t as nice to people then I know they wouldn’t have been so nice to me.  I have always tried to be good to people, and it has always worked out well for me.  I try to give my best to those around me and it always seems that I attract people that are kind and want nothing more than to see me succeed.
  3. I Found my Passion after Bad Things Happened – As I mentioned in some of the hyperlinks above, I have Crohn’s disease.  This disease has always been a challenge for me.  It has made me so sick that I’ve thought I was dying at times and I have definitely had my fair share of spiritual experiences.  I have asked questions like “Why me?” I have thought about my life and re-evaluated multiple times.  It wasn’t until the last time that I got sick that I said Enough is ENOUGH!”  I knew right away that this time would be different.  I knew that if there’s a God or some rule to our universe, that He or It was leading me to confront my problems and make something positive of it.  At least that is how I chose to view the situation.  I finally decided that I am passionate about health and wellness, and living the best life possible.  I decided that I would begin writing this blog and reaching out in an effort to reach as many people as I can.

And of course, this morning, I realized that today is the day.  I realized that today is always the day to do your absolute best.  There is never a better day than today.  You don’t have to wait until tomorrow, and you don’t have to take time to plan things.  If there is something you love, and if there is something positive that you have to give the world…….then go out and do it.

So that is why, today, I have written this long post.  I’ve written this in hopes to inspire, and also because this was needed.  I try to give you content everyday, but today was the day for something special.  And every day should be..

Counting Macros VERSUS Eating Healthy


You want to be in the best shape of your life!  You also want your routine to be sustainable and to keep the gains you get over time.  There’s a new way of dieting, or I should say non-dieting, called IIFYM.  IIFYM stands for “If It Fits Your Macros.”

The idea is that you count your macros and focus on getting all of your proteins, fats, and calories.  This actually works, because you are simply calorie counting to the extreme.

It’s fun to tease at the idea of eating a PopTart or a Snickers bar and saying, “So what? It fits my macros” but let’s think about how that would work.  Basically, when eating something unhealthy like poptarts or candy, you are taking up space for nutritional calories and macro-nutrients you can get from nice, lean foods.

On all of my fitness tracking apps, they recommend only 80 grams of fat a day.  Imagine eating some fast food on one of your days.  It may fit your macros, but how much fat does it have?  Probably too much.  You’ll end up eating half of your daily macros in one meal.  This leads to making things difficult and you’ll end up having to eat leaner foods throughout the day.

In conclusion, I think IIFYM is a good idea because at first it’s fun to toy with the thought of eating unhealthy and then you realize you can’t.  You realize you can’t eat out much or eat a lot of junk food and still make it fit your macros.  The best thing about IIFYM is that you’ll become more aware of how much of each macro your foods have and of the caloric content.  You’ll wind up knowing what’s leaner and how to eat in moderation.

If It Fits Your Macros and eating healthy aren’t two different choices.  They’re two sides of the same coin.

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How Do You Split Your Workouts?


Working out doesn’t have to be tricky or complicated, but that’s not saying it can’t be! So, today, I wanted to make a post with a slightly different style. Today’s post is a question. I’m going out on a limb here hoping for a response but here is my question: How do you split your workouts? Also, what is your reasoning behind this?

This applies to all of you, even those of you who mostly stick to cardio or yoga. Do you have days where you work out at a harder intensity? Do you have arm days?

I’ll go first. I typically work legs on Sundays, I do chest and back on Mondays, and arms on Tuesdays. I repeat this on Wednesday through Friday, and take Saturdays off. So it’s like this:

Sunday: Legs

Monday: Chest and Back

Tuesday: Arms(bicep, tricep, forearms)

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Chest and Back

Friday: Arms again

Saturday: Rest

I throw cardio in at the end of all of my workouts, so I don’t really cycle my cardio in any way. There was my plan, thanks for reading! What do you do?

Make Sure You Do Some Cardio


To all of you serious weight lifters and dieters out there, it may be a great idea to add in some cardio! Just remember that cardio is important.

Cardio is just as important as the weight lifting and the dieting.  Maybe you are wanting to be strong to the point that you started weight lifting, but endurance built from cardio will help you increase repetitions and sets during your workouts.  For the dieters, cardio is important because:  If you fail at your diet on any particular day, you can simply amp up the cardio and burn off those extra calories.

Take a look at any distance runner and conditioned athlete.  Just take a look at any of them.  They had to do a lot of cardio to get to where they’re at.  They had do a lot of conditioning and it may have taken a lot of running or swimming.

Also, as far as the running or swimming goes, you can choose to do whatever cardiovascular exercise you want.  I would just recommend that you do cardio three to five times a week.  It can be running, or swimming, or even walking.  There are a lot of different cardiovascular exercises.

Remember, the cardio is good for your overall cardiovascular health.  This means that in the ‘long run’ it’s good for your entire health.  By doing cardio, your blood flow will be better which in turn is better for your major organs.  It will help you lose weight, and you’ll be a well-balanced athlete.

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Three Reasons You Do Not Need To Quit Drinking

It’s the digital age and there has never been an easier time to get informative articles about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use.  There’s also a lot of misinformation though, and some of you may not need to give up your afternoon sip of wine or your daily beer.  Some of you social drinkers may not need to quit drinking, as it may just be a few every weekend.

Let’s allow the facts and information about abusing alcohol speak for themselves, but in this article we are going to go over three reasons why you DO NOT need to give up your vice, I mean pass time(haha!), of alcohol consumption.

  • Studies Show That Moderate Drinking Actually Reduces Mortality Rates.

According to a collection of studies gathered by The University of Harvard, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol was actually shown to decrease mortality rates.  Here is a quote from the website I linked above:

“More than 100 prospective studies show an inverse association between moderate drinking and risk of heart attack, ischemic (clot-caused) stroke, peripheral vascular disease, sudden cardiac death, and death from all cardiovascular causes. (1) The effect is fairly consistent, corresponding to a 25 percent to 40 percent reduction in risk.”

It’s also worth mentioning that those who drank a substantial amount of alcohol were actually at an increased risk of mortality. What needs to be noted here is that alcohol, if consumed in moderation, has a few notable health benefits.


  • Alcohol Can Reduce Stress Levels

According to this article on CNN, there are many ways alcohol is unhelpful when coping with a stressful day or situation.  However, the article was also admitting that it does have a calming effect and many of you reading this know from experience.  The key thing to remember is, again, moderation. Dependency is when alcohol seems to become a problem and causes more stress to you and your body than what it actually relieves.

This Is Probably Too Many

  • History Shows It Isn’t Going Anywhere, And Maybe There’s A Good Reason For That

It’s known that prohibition in the early 1900’s did not work, and it only led to people “bootlegging” which is actually the inspiration for Nascar.  Thank you, alcohol, for inspiring Nascar and fast left turns!  I’m sure the biggest reason it wasn’t successful is because people were dependent on it and craved liquor, and it was also considered a remedy for a lot of different illnesses at that point in time with the limited knowledge we had of medicines.

Also, just for fun, I wanted to add this quote I found on a well-sourced Ask Men article:

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” – Benjamin Franklin

There you go!  See, if Benjamin Franklin loved it then you should also.  I’m kidding, but along with my other two points I’d like to once again stress that alcohol is fine for most people as long as it is drank in moderation.

The key word here = Moderation.

Ben Franklin Enjoying A Mug!

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Helpful Daily Reminders


As a guy in his early 20s, it’s important that I consistently ‘check myself before I wreck myself.’ By that I, more or less, mean that I’m young and I don’t have everything figured out or the wisdom associated with getting older. I can still live a good life though, and seem very mature for my age. To do that, I try and remind myself three things daily.

  1. I Don’t Know Everything. It’s Best To Not Be Very Presumptuous. I’ve made the error, several times, of being a ‘know-it-all.’ The funny thing is that everything is 20/20 in hindsight and when I look back at my life a year ago or two weeks ago, I notice that I could have done things a lot better. I always look back at conversations I had with people I knew and it seems like l completely didn’t listen to them or show them the respect that they deserve.
  2. The World Really Is Kind Of Like A Mirror. Again, I notice that things are 20/20 in hindsight and it always seems like when I look back, that a lot of the problems I have with other people are at least 50% my own fault. There were times where I thought people didn’t like me or I had a weak conversation with someone, and at the time I thought that their side wasn’t justified. However, every time I look back I often think I could have handled my situations more maturely or been more confident in myself.
  3. Fake It Until You Make It. I know I was just talking about being presumptuous but I feel that this has got to be true. I learned this from a mentor of mine, and he told me that for whatever I want in life I will have to ‘fake it till I make it.’ According to him, if you want to actually be happy then you need to strive to always have a smile on your face. If you want to be successful then dress the part. If you want to be confident in yourself then start faking it until it becomes natural.

Those three points seem to be the best strategies for getting through life at the moment, and they seem to be a kind of “life-hack” for me as I know I’m young and I haven’t gotten everything figured out yet.

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Nice and Slow, That’s The Best Way To Do It!


When you’re lifting weights there is one thing that is really important. That is going through your lift slowly to keep tension on all the muscles involved in that specific lift.

I shared a post not too long ago from a great up and coming blog and the post was titled Time Under Tension Lifts. In this post, by WordPress user LifeIsFit, the point was driven quite clearly that by not locking out you are essentially putting more stress on the muscles.

We all know that more stress on the muscles and less stress on the joints is a good thing, which leads me to add a new point today.

As much as time under tension lifting is already beneficial, it’s also beneficial to lift slow due to the fact that you are putting extra stress on the muscles. This also helps you learn what muscles your lift is targeting, and will help you achieve that “mind-body connection”.

The more you know about how a certain lift is affecting your body, and the more you know your body, you will see better results. Therefore, get to squatting or bench pressing and rep it out NICE and sloooow.

I hope that this post was informative. Have a great day and please subscribe.

Eat Healthy Now, Don’t Pay For Being Unhealthy


Here is a fact:  With a rare few exceptions, once you get so unhealthy you have a disease you will have to eat healthier.

Some people are born with diseases and sickness, and these people probably have to eat healthy and take medication too.

Personally, I have Crohn’s Disease. I was sick in the hospital about a year ago when I started thinking, “I wonder what life would be like if I got a colostomy bag and decided to undergo surgery.” For some, this is their only option. For me, it was one of my options and the easy way out.

At that point in time, I was filled with dread and felt hopeless but it is that thought that made me climb out of despair and take control of my life. I began researching colostomy bags and learned something interesting. If you have a colostomy bag, not only is your life very different and probably embarrassing, but you have to eat healthier! If you don’t eat healthy, your bag can get clogged up in the tubes and cause inflammation and infection.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to go through all that embarrassment and daily cleaning of some dumb bag I am going to go ahead and eliminate my bad habits before it gets to that point. I decided that in the hospital, and I climbed out of this despair I had as I realized that getting healthy now is my only option.

It was my best option. I have started this endeavor for myself and I am proud to say I went from a severe case of Crohn’s with all kinds of medication to only one medication.

Now, I have something to say to you. If you are at risk of becoming diabetic or if you have unhealthy habits, change them now. Do it NOW. Don’t wait and pay for your unhealthy decisions later, like a lot of people may do. Take control of your life and be transformed as your physical, mental, and emotional health all see tremendous improvements.

Thanks for reading. I hope that you apply the principle of “changing now” to your life. I hope you see improvements. I hope you at least give it all you’ve got and that you don’t give up.

Hobbies Vs. Work! Killing Two Birds With One Stone

PETA, please do not send me hate mail for today’s post! It was the only idiom I could think of at the moment.

That being said, when choosing between taking the beaten path and working a nine to five job and deciding to start your own endeavor doing something you love, why can’t you do both?

If you can’t do what you love because there’s not a large market for it, perhaps you could continue doing it for yourself but still share it on the internet via social media sites. I say this, because if you love it so much then it may truly show and be like a piece of art for people to look at and be inspired.

I know a man who has worked at IGA his entire life but he still does some carpentry on the side because that’s what he truly loves doing. He never made it a full time job because he didn’t want to lose the fun in it.

I don’t believe that everyone will lose their passion for something by going into it full time, but that’s how he feels so he is doing the nine to five job and his passion, so more power to the guy. He seems incredibly happy doing what he is doing and every time I ask him how are you he says, “Just wonderful. I thank the Lord for every day.”

In hindsight, I look at how he deals with things and how I deal with things and I see that we’re different. I see that I am wanting to make my hobby/passion my career, and he didn’t. However, either way I can see that it produces a lot of happiness and joy that most people just don’t seem to have.

If you can make your passion your job, then great! You are doing better than most of the world in regards to that. In any case, I hope you continue to cultivate skills related to something your passionate about. The joy and feeling of achievement you gain from diligently working on something you love can truly enhance your life in a beautiful way.

Thanks for reading.