Back From My Week Off!

I’m back from my week off and my shoulders are feeling better, I’m not sick, and I have a lot more energy than I did the last couple of weeks I worked out!

Getting back to the gym today was definitely my saving grace though, as I couldn’t stand being out. Nevertheless, I persevered and kept away from the weights for one full week and I believe it really paid off!

I now know for a fact that I am not over trained and that statement will remain adamant for the next couple of months.

As a result of the perseverance, my weight lifting was actually better than where I left off. The weight was about the same but my form was 100% better, and I decided to throw in some lifts like overhead squat to add some stability, functionality, and mobility to my routine.

My conclusion is that not only is a week off good for the CNS, the muscles, and the immune system but it also helps for your “workout IQ”. I learned of workouts that I didn’t know about before and I took the time this past week to study proper form and great exercises. I believe you can do the same and always come back from your week off improved in some way, shape, or form.

Thanks for reading!