Small Steps EQUAL Giant Leaps

“Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” is what astronaut Neil Armstrong was quoted saying after landing on the moon. It may have been a small step he had taken as a person, but he was taking into account all the steps, processes and calculations NASA had taken to get him there. 

Metaphorically, what he said can be equated to your fitness endeavor, trials and successes in your everyday life. Let’s think about this in two parts.

  1. One small step – that’s all you need to take. To achieve your goals, simply change one thing every week or every two weeks. If you’re trying to lose weight, just drop soda one week and once you get that down you can choose to drop cake and ice cream. Then you can choose to drop fast food, and then you can work on lowering your saturated fats and carbohydrates.
  2. One giant leap – who knew that all them little steps were necessary for eventually making that giant leap? For my metaphor’s sake, I’ll stick to weight loss in this example:  You were trying to lose weight and you eventually succeeded. You lost 60 lbs, most of which was fat, and you are now really lean. A transformation photo would show the giant leap in body composition. The photo wouldn’t show, however, the collective small steps and commitment necessary to achieve that leap.

I realize Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon has nothing to do with fitness or our personal journeys unless we want to really go to the moon, but metaphorically I am assured that this was pretty sound. 

If you wish to achieve many small battles and succeed in a giant leap at some point in your life, keep in mind the end goal and the giant leap you will be taking. Also, keep in mind that there will be many small steps to take along the way. That seems to be the way to do things right, by making small steps and eventually getting big results.

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Never Give Up! Be Strong.

Never give up at things you are passionate about. If you want something badly, don’t ever count yourself out and always be pushing yourself further into the direction of success.

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There are probably more posts I have made on maxedoutmuscles that would be equally helpful to you as the ones linked above. It is my main goal to give you motivation, advice, help, and comeradery(we can accomplish a lot more if we work together). Happy Motivational Monday everyone!

How Successful People Think (vs. How Unsuccessful People Think)

This is a video I found while browsing youtube earlier and I think that it could be incredibly motivating for you. The moral of the story that this guy is projecting is right in line with what I am trying to convey to you through this blog. I hope it is of some service to you and that you have a great day. Enjoy the video.

Appreciate Your Low-Points

Have you been pursuing your passion and venturing to achieve your dreams? If you said yes, great, and if you have hit some potholes along the road to success then don’t worry. It’s completely normal.

Everyone has low points, days when they feel like giving up, and mistakes they’ve made. It’s how you handle these situations and grow that leads you one step closer to success, in some way, shape, or form. 

The best thing to do is to look at whatever poor situation, or you could say negative situation, that you are experiencing as a learning experience or a stepping stone. You can gain wisdom and experience from each of these experiences that will ultimately shape who you are someday.

Thanks for reading. I hope this was positive and encouraging. Just remember to keep your chin up and channel that negative energy into something positive for yourself. That’s how you get over these stepping stones I am talking about.

Don’t Waste Time and Energy Being Negative

Maybe you have dreams and goals, and you have something you want to work really hard on and succeed at. Maybe there’s also something that is really bothering you.

Truth is, everyone has their own trials and tribulations and you’re definitely going to have your share of them. How you handle your problems is what is going to make a noticeable difference in your life when you try to focus on doing other things.

Think about this scenario:  You have a goal to write a page in a book or journal every night for your own benefit, or maybe you are hoping you can make some money doing it. However, during this time you have to work and you have people at work that are just really overbearing and they annoy you every day. Outside of work, you’re dealing with friends that are critical of you and a rocky relationship. All of these things are stressing you out and making you feel like you can’t think of anything else at times. 

Turn the page, and you have writers block. All of a sudden, because of things that are outside your control, you are having a road block that is keeping you from writing a page every night in your book. Worst of all, the stress was caused by the attitude of other people and you have no control over them and their actions.

Which leads you to ask, how can you break this cycle of negativity where someone else or something outside of you happens and it wrecks you’re mood causing you to not get things done? In return, you may even feel bad for not getting something done. Which leads to one simple solution out of many positive ways to deal this:

Decide that it’s not your fault, and that your long term goals and dreams are more important than temporary negative emotions caused by things out of your control. Love yourself, remember that you have value and that your dreams are important, and don’t let anything negative have a hold on you. 

I hope this post helped you and was relatable. Thanks for reading.

Committing Makes Fitness Easier

Easy is the word that should be used in the situation of someone being committed to working out. This is because becoming committed and steadily getting results will make everything ‘work out’ over time.

Here is why I say this: have you noticed a lot of people do a New Years resolution to get in shape and 90% quit before a few months? They could have had some results that only required an hour or less 4 days a week, depending on what they are working out for. However, by going for a few months and then not going at all you are achieving nothing.

In conclusion, make fitness a commitment and results will follow. Do it for several months and it will become habitual. Do it longer and you may end up studying nutrition and exercises, and getting even better results.

Over time, you not only get in shape but you become the type of person who can get in shape. Throughout the journey, you will have become a new person. You will have values identified with commitment, dedication, and integrity with yourself along with self-love.

To sum everything up, committing makes fitness easier by making you change over time to achieve your goals and making you goal oriented.

If you’d like to read more about the transformation you may go through by pursuing your passion or fitness endeavor, read my previous post titled Build The Virtues Associated With Giving It Your All.

As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate your interest in my content and I will continue to give daily updates.

Sunday Funday!

Today was my Sunday Funday and it was my first day back in the gym in a week. I had really missed the gym that whole week I was gone but needed the time to recover.

Anyways, what better way to get back into the grind than to do squats, front squats, and overhead squats? I loved every minute of it.

Happy Sunday! Hope you made the most of it. Thanks for reading.

Build The Virtues Associated With Giving It Your All

No matter what you’re doing with your life right now, give it your all! That may sound cliche but if you never go all in you may never find out how far you can go with something, or how truly incredible your accomplishments are.

Along the way, you may learn that achieving your goals requires you to become more committed. You may learn that you have to become the type of person who has to commit, and finish what he/she starts, and take the ridicule and torment others try to drive your way and use it for fuel. You may need to learn to be strong, independent, self-accountable, and determine.

Whatever your end result is, if you learn something and become a better person through the experience then you are truly gaining something in life. That may just be my opinion but it’s the truth. 

I have a challenge for you. No matter what your goal is. If it’s weight training or running marathons or being a great painter, I still have a challenge for you. Decide today that you are going to pick that thing that you are passionate about and you are going to go for it 100%. No matter what the end result is, look at the beauty that had to have unfolded for you to grow as a person through the trials and struggles of achieving that goal.

Lastly, if you fail or fall off the wagon, just dust off your knees and try again. Thanks for reading.

Jamming To Good Tunes May Improve Workouts

Don’t worry about what others think of the music you listen to or what’s playing in the gym, unless you like it. You can always bring in a pair of headphones.

Turns out, an article I read by the Huffington Post stated that listening to music during your workouts can increase your performance.

So whatever it is, either T-Swift or rap or metal, jam to it and finish your workout.

To read that Huffington Post article, click here.